Mission Statement

The mission statement of this website is to serve Jesus Christ in a mission outreach to every part of the world, making disciples and bring them into the knowledge of Him and His Word as recorded in The Holy Bible. Matthew 28:19-20

Statement of belief

Here at 'selahministries.org' we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the one and only true Son of God; Jesus Christ is God, manifested in the flesh, died and buried for our sins, and rose again to eternal life with God the Father, and will return to claim those that are His so that we too will be with Him forever and ever; and that His Word is the Bible, the true and perfect word of God, and those that believe on Jesus Christ will follow and teach that which Jesus has commanded us through His Word.


It is our goal to draw hearts into God's Word so that they will learn God's purpose for their lives by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and then to have them become part of the great commission going out to tell others of the salvation through Jesus Christ the Lord. John 14:6-7


It is our objective here at 'selahministries.org' to touch lives of every nation and tongue through the reading, seeing, and hearing of 'selahministries.org' writings, and channel those touched lives into God's Word, the Holy Bible, in order, that the message of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ will be made known to them.


We believe it is God's plan to network and link 'selahministries.org' into the World Wide Web and therefore connecting with every nation and every tongue by way of evangelical ministries, churches, Christian saints, family, friends, secular writings groups, poet societies, and all related media which would include television broadcasts, radio spots, recordings and live performances, along with newspaper articles, magazine write-ups and books written of this ministry, so that the opportunity to receive the salvation of Jesus Christ is given.


It is our purpose here at 'selahministries.org' to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ to every life on earth.


The following principles guide us here at 'selahministries.org': Repent/Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior; be Baptized; Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit; Fellowship with other believers; Believe that by faith these things are done.


Our prayer here at 'selahministries.org' is that every reader that reads, every eye that sees, every tongue that speaks, every ear that hears, and every touch that feels a part, piece, portion, word or article of 'selahministries.org' will turn that reader, the owner of that eye, tongue,ear,and touch toward the free gift offered through Jesus Christ, i.e. life eternal with God the Father. May every soul and spirit that comes in contact with 'selahministries.org' encounter the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.