At Tomb's Door

It's Going To Be Alright

It's Going To Be Alright


At tomb's door I ponder what I see,

By strength of Heaven's might,

From death's trap I flee.

The stone's grip was rolled away today,

A power from inside,

To strip off decay.

No further doubt can keep me from belief,

Jesus Christ has risen,

To burden relief.

Rejoice in the glory of His life.

Jesus Christ has risen,

And removed all strife.

Proclaim this feat, to the world declare,

Jesus Christ has risen,

And none can compare.

Live by His Word as seen in this truth.

Jesus Christ has risen,

Sing His lasting youth.

His tomb is empty, there is no doubt.

Jesus Christ has risen,

In our praises shout!




At Tomb's Door by Ronhales

Luke 24:6

It's Going To Be Alright

It's Going To Be Alright

It's Going To Be Alright


We face the enemy as we walk through his camp every day;

We stagger and stumble on this path in our way;

And how many hardships are lifted up when we pray?

But you know . . .

We're going to be alright.

We've walked through the valley of the shadow of death;

The spear has pierced the side and taken our breath;

And did Adam even feel cursed before he had Seth?

This I know . . .

We're going to be alright.

God's promised Himself that He'd make all things well;

It came to pass when Jesus destroyed the gates of Hell;

And won't the Holy Spirit in us this story continue to tell?

So you see . . . 

It's going to be alright.

It will be alright . . .

For we will pass through the stormy night.

It will be alright . . .

As the Son breaks a new dawn's light.

It will be alright . . .

Just lift your cares to God's great might.

It will be alright . . .

So extend this grace of Jesus so bright.

And just know . . .

That everything's going to be all right!


It's Going To Be Alright by Ronhales

Romans 5:19 

The Psalmist's King

It's Going To Be Alright

The Shape Of A Heart


I've seen the horses running, I've seen their glide upon the air,

I've heard the call of the wild bird, it's song, it's cry in a love affair.

I've touched the spine of the maiden and know no other softness,

But, until now, I've never known this King of Glory as told by the Psalmist.

In Jerusalem the eastern gates were sealed, after a triumphant entry was made,

Yet the Psalmist declares the gates lifted, to be opened like the tomb where He laid.

Mountains will move, their peaks will separate, while the hilltops each will part,

And hands will be raised to greet Him, from the once hardened of heart.

He is given the names of Jehovah, a name above which no one can afford,

This King of the Psalmist, He is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

I have seen an Eagle fly and know its pattern to which it soars,

And I have seen the ocean waves from where they march like armies into wars,

And I have seen the heavens descend as they're brought to the viewer's eye,

But I didn't know as the Psalmist wrote, that his King would from a grave arise.

As I read and understand, I'm told the mystery of the world He wrote,

For the Psalmist knew his King was God Almighty, the author of each written note.

For his Lord confided in the Psalmist's hand that His Word would be true to all of us,

And in revealing His faithfulness to the word, this King of the Psalmist was born Christ Jesus.

I have seen a Psalmist's heart, for I have read the work of his pen,

And I have heard God's voice as strong now as it was then.

I have savored in my heart the taste of the Psalmist's story,

For I know that Jesus Christ is the Psalmist's King of Glory.

The Psalmist sings and raises his voice to his Savior, his God,

And in his love a Shepherd stands in watch, comfort from His staff, His rod.

In words delivered by His own hand, this King is recited verses from the skillful writer,

And into eternity I will carry on this praise, as assuredly that into a day the sun shines brighter.

Into His power I have bowed myself content in serving the Psalmist's King,

No other place I would rather be than singing praises and letting my Hosanna's ring.

I have seen a Psalmist's heart, for I have read the work of his pen,

And I have heard God's voice as strong now as it was then.

I have savored in my heart the taste of the Psalmist's story, and I will also in it sing,

For I know that Jesus Christ, the Son of God Almighty, is the Psalmist's King.


The Psalmist's King by Ronhales

Psalm 45:1

The Shape Of A Heart

The Shape Of A Heart

The Shape Of A Heart


Rocks in the shape of a heart,

Decorate the garden.

They align the walkway,

And are visible in flowers beds,

These rocks in the shape of hearts.

Covered in different colors,

The flaws are not seen.

Partially buried in the soil.

The broken ones are hidden,

Rocks in the shape of hearts.

We carry on,

And walk about,

And attempt to live a fruited life,

Burdened down with

A rock in the shape of a heart.

Faces are decorated,

Paths outlined

By our rock shaped like a heart.

We try to paint over

Or bury the broken pieces,

But they just jump out at us,

When we carry a rock shaped like a heart.

Jesus can take a heart of stone

And make a heart of love.

Ask Him into your heart

and keep the rocks shaped like hearts

In the garden.


The Shape of a Heart by Ronhales

Psalm 78: 8

The Answer

The Shape Of A Heart

Satan's Spear


Jesus Christ gave all He was given

From the glory of God.

How do we know that we'll

Be given His affirmative nod?

The answer lies at the place

Of which the stone was rolled away.

"He has risen" the Angels dressed

In gleaming white did say.

His words are true and never changing

Since He walked the Galilee,

And He promises to care for us

If we come to Him

On bended knee.


The Answer by Ronhales

John 14: 6

Satan's Spear

The Shape Of A Heart

Satan's Spear


Commissioned to do us harm

We battle to sin's alarm

Never letting our armor fall

The Enemy's spear hits the wall

We come to terms with ourselves

And reach for plans on the shelves

We're going to fight this horde

And turn the tide through the Lord

We will dodge the deadly tips

Of the weapon Satan flips

Never letting our armor fall

The Enemy's spear hits the wall

Ever on guard, ever alert

Never foolish being a jerk

Always watchful dodging a trap

Never caught taking a nap

Moving here and moving there

Trusting the Lord for our fare

Never letting our armor fall

The Enemy's spear hits the wall

The Devil casts  all he has

Ambushes set in the pass

No need to hide after all

For Satan's spear hits the wall

Time after time he throws it

Intending the target to hit

But with God making the call

The Enemy's spear hits the wall

We'll be kept safe from it all

When in Jesus we stand tall

Never letting our armor fall

The Enemy's spear hits the wall

Never letting our armor fall

The Enemy's spear hits the wall


Satan's Spear by Ronhales

1 Samuel 18: 10-11 


The Farm

I Glorify Thee

The Sniper


Ladders hanging on buildings; 

Circular contrails of grass from the mower;

Apple blossoms opening to the sweet sounds of the Honey Bees;

Oak trees with outstretched arms to swing from;

And coming up the drive, the rail fences made from cedar wood;

This is the farm, the place of my childhood.

Riding on the tractor with the wood wagon in tow;

Stalking a deer in the brush;

Picking bundles of 'Lady Slippers' from the shade near the spring;

Jumping into freshly stored hay at the top of the barn;

Lying in the field dreaming of a life of charm;

My home on this world, this is the farm.

Riding horses or motorcycles at my pleasure I did,

Throwing rocks at the cows, then from Grandpa I hid;

Catching chickens that ran from the shed, catching a clothes line that knocked me on my head;

Chasing the quail with a dog at my heels, seeing my brother spanked, knowing how it feels;

Remembering these things of the place safe from harm,

Demonstrates my life, my life on the farm.

But as the clock ticks, So the years follow one after another;

Little boys grow into manhood, and little girls become women.

Dreams become chances lost,

While hope fades into disappointments;

Things we wanted are lost to current bill payments,

And the loves in our lives seem to turn with the tides.

The world opens our eyes as innocence sinks beneath the waves for the last time.

No more sanctity of youth,

No more pleasures of the young,

Just days of worry and alarm,

For gone are the days and glory years on the farm.

Will joy and comfort ever visit me again?

Are the happy moments of my boyhood only flashes before dying eyes?

I cry for those times again.

Tears seek out a path down my cheeks.

Won't someone pick me up and show me love?

Won't somebody open their heart to me and put me in their arms?

Can't anyone give me a place that was like my place,

The place so unlike any of the other farms?

I hear there is a place I should see,

It's talked about from a man,

A Man from Galilee.

It's promised to be everything I need,

This place told by the Man from Galilee.

Is there peace there? Oh, yes!

Is there love there? Oh, yes!

Is there joy there? Oh, yes!

Then take me to this place I should see,

This place talked about by the Man from Galilee.

Only through Him is access allowed,

By no other path, however troddened or plowed;

Just reach out and take His hand,

Let Him guide you to the New Land.

I rest in this place He has made for me,

Created through dying, 

He set me free.

Jesus Christ is the Man from Galilee,

And He gives me peace for eternity.

I linger inside this sweet abode,

Knowing Jesus paid for the sins I owed.

He is my Savior from this world's harm,

And gives a home far better than any ol' farm.


The Farm by Ronhales

Psalm 26: 8 

The Sniper

I Glorify Thee

The Sniper


Accurate and deadly

His finger is on the trigger

Focused on the target

Which need not be bigger

Secure in his hiding

Protected from attack

The mark is his

Even if shot in the back

Crawling on his belly

Like a deadly viper

How can we defend

From Satan The Sniper

Armed with a case of ammo

For the job to be done

He stalks the unaware prey

And destroys them one by one

Jesus is our Sentry

He keeps a watchful eye

He has defeated Satan

And will never again die

The Sniper is captured

Destined for his own Hell

For what he aimed at Jesus

Is loaded with an empty shell

Only Jesus can expose

The attacks of this sniper

And now the fields are ready

For a harvest never riper


The Sniper by Ronhales

1 Peter 5: 8

I Glorify Thee

I Glorify Thee

I Glorify Thee


I glorify thee O Lord

Through the night

Into a new day

Throughout the coming day

I glorify thee O Lord


I Glorify Thee by Ronhales

2 Thessalonians 1: 12

I Want To Be

I Want To Be

I Glorify Thee

I want

I want to be like Jesus.

As I walk along the road,

I want houses to open their windows and people shout:

"There goes a man like Jesus".

As I stand in the city square, 

I want all eyes to see me and every tongue to speak:

"There goes a man who walks with Jesus".

And as I suffer upon my own cross, my crucifixion,

I want to hear my Savior's voice say:

"Come unto me, you who walked as I walked,

who stood as I stood,

and who suffered for my sake.

Come unto me you who became like me".

Yes, I want to be like Jesus,

So that I will be with Jesus in Heaven,

Serving Him in my new and eternal life

That He gave to me.

Yes, I want to be like Jesus.


I Want To Be by Ronhales

1 John 3: 2

What Fruit

I Want To Be

What Fruit


Apples in their red and glory

Yellow and green

Brilliantly gleam

Couldn't possibly have started the sin story

Crisp, succulent, watery brine

Refreshes the thirst

Hunger is burst

This is not evil's tool, but a fruit from God's vine

What fruit did Eve place in her hand?

Who's to know?, but goes to show

We must obey the truth of God in this fruitful land.


What Fruit by Ronhales

Leviticus 26: 9-10 

The Test

I Want To Be

What Fruit


From terraced garden heights, to atop the rampart's way,

His shadow casts his might, that he bears throughout the day.

Hovering like an eagle soars, his watchful eye pursues,

And out like a Lion's roar, he gives final review.

"To the front! To the front!" he directs his army's best,

"Take on this heathen's hunt, in order to pass the test."

But no honor to this call, the truth is yet to know.

For surely the best will fall by Sinner's savage blow.

A king's throne brings on shame, when deceit the ousted means,

For a man can't shun the blame, when God finally intervenes.

A ransom for sin is owed, exempt, not even a king.

So to him, and me, we're told, a life's price we must bring.

Chosen by God's own hand, every king is raised on high,

But to sin he can't stand, when called to the 'By and By'.

If a king fails, I will too, but who's life will be paid?

Is it Jesus that makes new, if it's His life He gave?

Then from death we can flee, our sins have been given up.

Jesus Christ died for me, when I chose to take His cup.

Praise God, the maker of kings,

His test He made for us.

Then justice by Him will ring,

Through His Son Christ Jesus.


The Test by Ronhales

Isaiah 53: 7-8 


Is Jericho On The Horizon ?

Is Jericho On The Horizon ?

Is Jericho On The Horizon ?


The Trumpet is sounding,

Jericho must be on the horizon.

But as I draw closer,

It's not walls falling I see,

But souls in Jesus rise'n.

God told His people to blow the trumpet at Jericho.

Now His Angel sounds that mighty horn,

And Saints are brought home for evermore.

Hear that Trumpet sounding?

Is it that Jericho is near?

But my feet are rising,

And it seems I'm leaving here.

Yes, my feet are rising at the sound of the Trumpet blast.

Is Jericho on the horizon, or is it the coming of Jesus at last?

Yes, my feet are rising at the sound of a Trumpet blast.

Is Jericho just beyond the horizon, or can it be

That Jesus is coming at last?

The Trumpet cries out.

It tells me that Jesus Christ is on the horizon.

Jericho is no where to be seen,

So I'm going with the souls rise'n,

As God appears on His Son's beam.

Yes, my feet are rising at the sound of the Trumpet blast,

And it can't be Jericho on the horizon,

So it must be Jesus is coming at last.

Yes, it must be Jesus is coming at last.


Is Jericho On The Horizon? by Ronhales

Matthew 24: 31

Over Israel

Is Jericho On The Horizon ?

Is Jericho On The Horizon ?


O Lord, Thy sun rises over Israel!

Its brilliance radiates

In morning colors

Across the open sky

Stone and rubble of old

Are awakened by its touch

We go into its newness

We travel its boundaries

May hearts in need

Awaken to Thy salvation

Then the stone and rubble sleep again

O Lord, Thy Son rises over Israel!


Over Israel by Ronhales

Psalm 65: 8

Rowing The Jordan

Is Jericho On The Horizon ?

Headed To Jerusalem


If you could do anything at all

Would you climb Kilimanjaro

Or dress like the Belle of the Ball?

If the sky can't limit your dream

Would you fly in the space shuttle

Or fish a remote little stream?

If nothing could stop getting it done

What would it be that you would choose?

As for me . . .

I'd row the Jordan

I'd backpack an inflatable raft

And then up and over the bank

Into the water I'd push that craft

I'd let the river drift me in time

Through this Holy Land of God's chosen

Where Elijah walked And the priests did climb

Is this the place where David crossed

And where John did his baptizing

Or where the floating axe was tossed?

Would this trip be what you would do

Or if you could get your fantasy

Would you go to some exotic zoo?

Some may say goodbye to their Warden

As their one wish upon a star

But for me . . .

I'd row the Jordan

I'd wonder if this was where it parted

When struck by the coat of Elijah

And how many battle arrows here were started?

I'd float the headwaters up high

Where Christ must have walked one great day

Then I'd row out to the end of the sky

If you look for me but can't find

And you ask if I've been stolen

Don't worry with your sincere concern . . .

I'm just spending my life

Rowing the Jordan


Rowing The Jordan by Ronhales

Revelation 22: 2 

Headed To Jerusalem

Headed To Jerusalem

Headed To Jerusalem


Birthday cakes don't make me feel old, full time jobs don't tie me down,

Sway back mules aren't made to be sold,  and little girls never frown.

All roads are made to be traversed. Peace is just resolved mayhem.

Waves of the sea can't be reversed, so, I'm off to Jerusalem.

Can't slide when the bannister ends, can't play hide and seek alone. If all these truths are just more trends, what's the use of tap'n a phone?

When the carpet dries, give a call, but don't cry out "crucify Him".

Where are you in the mirrored hall? I'm headed to Jerusalem.

Crazy words in a crazy world? No sense in any of them.

Like we're caught in a mighty swirl, so let's head to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, a city I can't figure.

The flowing river we swim, that grows smaller, not bigger.

Into my life it rose to me, the city of love and peace.

From my heart I give to thee, a story of eternal feast.

For Jesus came to thee for me, as olive trees grow new limbs.

And the summer is to the tree, like Christ is to Jerusalem.

So hear and know this, you city, that Christ is your Messiah.

Accept Him or know no pity, fulfilled is the prophet Isaiah.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, God's Word brought forth one last time.

Hearts must ask Jesus into them, or pay evermore, sins crime.

For me the story must be told, that Jesus died for all sin.

Then rose again to a city of gold, that's why I'm headed to Jerusalem.

I've got to see where God's great word will have knees bow to His Son.

On every ear His name be heard, for Jesus is back in Jerusalem.


Headed To Jerusalem by Ronhales

Matthew 21: 10-11


Bound For Glory

Headed To Jerusalem

Bound For Glory


O God lead us on,

Lead us through,

Lead us to the glory found in you.

Bound for glory,

Bound for glory,

O Lord lead us through,

Lead us to the glory found in you.

Lead us on.

Lead us through.

Lead us to the glory found in You.

We're bound for glory.

We're bound for glory.


Bound For Glory by Ronhales

Psalm 73: 24

God's View

Headed To Jerusalem

Bound For Glory


Red bears and kissing mares,

Crying eyes and smiling brides, An olive horse, and a river's course,

All in God's beauty for me.

Blue skies and great good-byes,

Stormy seas and searching bees,

The glory days, God's glorious ways,

Makes for His beauty to see.

Come into the room God's love has made

Shining His glory around

Enjoy His Word, enjoy His prayer

At this place His Spirit abounds

God's rest and reading's best,

Wicker seats and coffee treats,

Written words in spirits which merge,

No other beauty for me.

Sun's dawn across the lawn,

God's blessing at day's testing,

A prayer's faith in His precious grace,

His beauty's here to see.

Come into His room and share His view

Found everywhere you look

Receive the truth, receive His plan

By opening His Holy Book

The view of my room shines forth with love, 

But God's view is of Jesus.

Through His death, through His blood,

Can He, only then, truly see into us.

Come into His room and share His view

Found anywhere you look

Receive His truth, receive His plan

By opening His Holy Book


God's View by Ronhales

John 6: 40


Remember Me

Celebrating Church

Celebrating Church


From the moment I saw Him, I knew He was Lord!

How is He here, instead where the eagle has soared?

No place is built to hold such a noble born,

Yet, He is shamed, and lots cast, for clothes He has worn.

Save yourself shout many as they spit and abuse;

He has done nothing, why do they falsely accuse?

Thy Kingdom is coming,

Thy paradise to see;

When You go there,

Remember me, Remember me!

In glory and honor You will enter today, Remember me along the way, along that way!

They place me beside You because justly I hang,

But You do so Dear Lord, for my suffering and pain.

They called You a King, while beating You with a rod, 

When will they learn they hung Jesus, the Son of God?

Your dying is over, with a cry it is done,

My life I give to You, for You are truly God's Son!

Thy Kingdom is coming,

Thy paradise to see;

When You go there,

Remember me, Remember me!

In glory and honor You will enter today,

Remember me along the way, along that way!

My sin was carried with me to the cross that day,

But removed when I met Jesus along the way.

In praise I stand and lift my voice which glorifies,

For He saved me and brought me into paradise!

Thy Kingdom is coming,

Thy paradise to see;

When You go there,

Remember me, Remember me!

In glory and honor You will enter today,

Remember me along the way, along that way!


Remember Me by Ronhales

Luke 23: 42

Celebrating Church

Celebrating Church

Celebrating Church


Last night at church I heard God's voice,

I think for the very first time.

For lightning struck and thunder rolled,

When my heart gave up hidden crime.

The choir sang and preacher prayed

As I heard the words "Follow me!"

So from the pew and up the aisle,

The altar found on bended knee.

Today I woke to cloudless skies,

And in me God's Son shinning bright!

I know it's true,

For I'm still celebrating church last night!

Different mornings come and go,

Each one a time to share The Light.

My spirit reaches out,

For I'm still celebrating church last night!

Don't delay to hold His glory,

Every minute and hour is right.

So join me and find out why,

I'm still celebrating church last night!


Celebrating Church by Ronhales

Luke 15: 24

A Barn

Celebrating Church

On A Hill


Places where we stay, are they called houses or homes?

If houses, there are so many, some even with domes!

Isn't a home where we live and raise a family?

Yet, it is in the house where we sleep and watch T.V.

It is confusing sometimes to know this or that,

Is it a house or a home where I hang my hat?

I suppose this question is trivial to some,

But is it into a house or a home where friends are welcome?

If it's only in houses we live, what of other places too?

For homes in apartments are plenty, but castles are few.

Some houses are called manufactured homes to live in,

Then there's mobile homes called trailers that you can take to see your kin.

Condos abound on golf courses and putting greens,

Yachts are homes on the seas, if within your means.

Some folk find home anywhere they can spin a yarn,

But as far as I'm concerned, I could live in a barn.

A barn has all the comforts to make it a home, 

With walls and ceilings it's just like palaces of Rome.

The cow and the donkey are always close to me,

They guard, watch, and give warning with a 'Haw' or a 'Hee'.

A bed and a pillow made from harvested straw,

Is all I need to complete this picture I draw.

To have a home, most people expect a lot of frills and charm,

But I'm comfortable to just live in a barn.

On that night long ago, the shepherds were first to hear,

A Savior was born for them, on this midnight clear!

In a place with straw, in a manger He was sleeping,

As into His house, believer's came worshipping and weeping.

This child, they knew, as I do now, was the world's new start,

For unto me He was born, and made a home in my heart.

Jesus removed me from the house made of this world's harm,

And showed me that One greater than all, once lived in a barn.


A Barn by Ronhales

2 Corinthians 5: 8

On A Hill

Worldly Woes

On A Hill


Ever try to make roses grow?

How about corn, row to row?

Ever put flowers in a windowsill?

Ever plant a cross on a hill?

Farmers plant wheat on the plains;

Vineyards are planted where it rains;

Even in rocks, some will till;

But who would plant a cross on a hill?

A harvest is sown from the seed in the ground;

Bushels of produce sold by the pound;

Barns are built for the bounty to fill;

But who can profit from a cross on a hill?

Jesus Christ is the world's salvation,

By Him our eternal life is fashioned,

We are His harvest, reaped to do His will,

And it started when God planted a cross on a hill.


On A Hill by Ronhales

Amos 9: 13

Worldly Woes

Worldly Woes

Worldly Woes


Put your feet in the sand

And let the waters touch your toes

Now close your eyes and wave your hand

Say goodbye to your worldly woes

Push them out with the tide

With each wave they begin to fade

Out beyond where surfers ride

Far beyond where the reef is made

Feel the waves at your feet

But keep your eyes tightly shut

Worldly woes death will meet

Soon to be gone as waves do cut 

Down to the bottom's depth

Forever lost forever gone

Silence when no one wept

But joy cries out in life's new dawn

If this weren't but a dream

And only if woes could be drowned

How a new life would seem

All smiles and not a face that frowned

Dreams to reality

This would take God's best miracle

Can there be hope to see?

Is there a Super Natural?

With eyes remaining closed

Reach out for the hand of Jesus

Across you His love blows

And into your heart which reaches

So turn and walk with Him

For Jesus is surely present

With your eyes see through them

Son of God, Most Magnificient

Those worldly woes you had

Jesus took them farther than thought

He'll handle all that's bad

You just enjoy the view He brought


Worldly Woes by Ronhales

Titus 3: 5

What Then

Worldly Woes

Worldly Woes


If who I am is not spotless of shame and guilt through washing . . . what then?

The blood cut from the life of Jesus Christ is the answer.

The blood of Jesus is the eternal fountain that is drawn for me.

I will bathe in that which He produced from pain

And all that I was in guilt and shame is washed away.

The cross is the spout, my Savior the well

And His blood the fountain for eternal life.

No other cleansing satisfies the cost

Jesus Christ died in order that I shall live.

Come and let Him wash your sins away

And by receiving His springs of living water

Be clean forever more,

And never ask, what then?


What Then by Ronhales

Hebrew 9: 22






The mountains

That I see now

Will, through faith

and strength

Of the Holy Spirit,

Be flattened

As I pass over them.


Mountains by Ronhales

Matthew 17:20






Finding Assurance In The Hope

Acting, Initiating, Telling, Hearing

Intimacy Toward Him

Togetherness, Helping


F A I T H 

Fruit of His Spirit

Armored with God

Insight for Jesus' Word

Turning from sin

Holding onto our Lord's Promise


Ronhales by FAITH

Psalm 16: 8-9


Red Sea


Rodeo Clown


Unto my eyes, the waters lay out before me.

The marsh land, the wasteland, and the mighty sea.

But lay your burdens before the Lord,

And watch an old miracle start anew.

For He reaches out His hand across these vast waters,

And once again divides the Red Sea for you.

Walk along the dusty trail as the waves roll at your side,

For Jesus has again today,

Divided the waters for His Shining Bride.

Heavy burdens not allowed, no load of any kind.

Just trust in Him,

And let Him open our eyes that have been blind.

Do not hesitate, do not delay, stand up and get on your way,

For God's Hand is on the waters,

And He divides the Red Sea today.

Our problems, our worries,

Are reflected as troubled waters before us,

But see an old miracle once again,

As the Red Sea opens so glorious.

God's miracle endures I believe,

As on this path I've come,

For oceans lay behind me,

And the next Red Sea bids "Welcome".


Red Sea by Ronhales

Psalm 78: 13

Rodeo Clown

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?

Rodeo Clown


Do you still see the outstretched flag?

Never let your emotions sag!

Spilled blood for "Old Glory",

Made the Star Spangled Banner story!

We allow hype over Star Wars

Daytona 500 gives thrills

To elevate into uproars!

Crashes and spills;

Tickets to a Bowl Game,

Cost a bankroll,

May take a person beyond their shame!

Everything is Vegas' goal!

Where is commitment?

What is priority?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

I'm dressed like a Rodeo Clown!

Divorces are prevalent,

Hidden gun, the cry!

Sometimes the spouse just ups and went!

Victims ask the question why?

Few weddings anymore!

Serve the Lord thy God!

Co-habitation at the core!

Christian antics are a fraud!

Where is commitment?

What is the truth?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

And I'm dressed like a Rodeo Clown!

Jesus was just another man!

Earth and all in it evolved;

Someone out of the Prophet Clan!

The schools has dissolved;

Life after death is false;

Can reach the heavens,

This dance is all you'll get, so let's waltz.

Matter of odds or evens.

Where is commitment?

What's the evidence?

My life is upside down!

Bad seems good, and good seems bad!

Am I really a Rodeo Clown?

The Word of God is the whole truth!

World says is just a lie,

Read the Bible, don't forget Ruth!

Sent Jesus to die!

Jesus Christ is the Lord!

Arose in three days,

His ticket, the only way aboard!

Ascended in Heavenly rays!

Jesus Christ will return again,

To find those who He calls a friend;

Give your heart to Jesus,

Commit to Him, He's our purpose!

There is commitment!

There is truth!

Sin is bad! God is good!

Do I stand out in this world of a town?

Is that why you thought I was a Rodeo Clown?

Join those that stand up for Jesus,

His banner's passing before us.

His blood made this story,

Much greater than that of "Old Glory".

Here is commitment!

Here is truth!

Sin is gone! Jesus Christ lives forever!

And what appeared to be the clothes of a Rodeo Clown,

Were actually the beginnings to a Heavenly crown!



Rodeo Clown by Ronhales

Revelation 2: 10!

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?


Lord, will you hold my hand?

How did it become so cold?

There's no one else here right now

Lord, why did you let go?

So will You take my hand?

Is it that I walk alone, without a companion, a friend?

Cup it within Your palm,

Through life, I believed I was guided,


Cover it, comfort it.

Only to look around and find I am alone.

Please Lord, Hold my hand.

Do you see it Lord?

It reaches out for my wife, my son, but touches only air.

Is it visible?

Lord, take my hand, hold it, please

Should I wave it?

How can it be so empty?

I offered my hand, did you accept?

Did you follow Me when I called you?

I held and offered you springs of living water,

Did you drink?

When I bore the cross,

Did you remove the weight?

And did you stop the nails as they were driven through?

Your hand is not empty.

Stop pulling, and you will feel its fullness!

I never let go!

You have always been held.

Now, take My hand.

Will you allow Me to hold yours?

Put it in my palm and never withdraw it?

Is it visible?

Do you see it?

Why don't you take it?

Lord, will You take my hand?

Walk with me.

Lord, will You take my hand?

Hand in hand we will walk.

Lord, will You let me take Your hand?

You are My companion.

It is there, outstretched, firm, secure,

You are My friend.

Ready to be held.

Hand in hand, it will never be empty.

Can I reach it?

It will never be cold.

Lord, You have my hand

It Ieads me

As I have yours

I go where Your hand guides me

Grasp it, grip it, abide with me

Always and forever

Lord, You took my hand

Will You draw me in

And take all of me?

Lord, will You?


Lord, Will You Take My Hand by Ronhales

Isaiah 41: 13

With A Graveyard Bought

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?

Lord, Will You Hold My Hand?


No snow capped mountains, and no great forests

Yet the rolling high country stands out before us

Deepened gullies from flash floods of old

Gives a desire for the story to be told

Primative while pioneered, this land was found

And into it God's chosen people were bound

True riches and blessings waiting here for all

The trail came alive to these given the call

God's Word in hand and plowshares aboard

Soon homes appeared by a harvest cut and stored

Heroes not forgot when battle won from battles fought

For what cost this land was nothing less than from a graveyard bought

To God above let thanksgiving resound

And throughout this land

Sprung up His blessed little towns

The Messiah was born in one such place

And He would remove all our sins

 Through God's grace

By this land, acknowledge its beauty's purpose

He who lived, died, and arose here

Is named Christ Jesus


With A Graveyard Bought by Ronhales

Romans 5: 15


Burning Eyes

This Talk With Satan

This Talk With Satan


Burning Eyes reveal who He is

Burning Eyes uncover my soul

Burning Eyes see me in hiding

Burning Eyes are in control

Justice and Judgement He brings

This world will feel His Flame and Fire

This world will know His Truth and Might

The strength of His burning desire

Pull away from His Burning Eyes?

No one can run from His power

Avoid His judgement at the end?

Every knee will bow at that hour

Feel His Burning Eyes searching you?

Prostrate we fall as These Eyes stare

But Burning Eyes will cleanse our sin

For Burning Eyes death could not bear

His Burning Eyes our life will change

If in fear we see God's judgement

For the Burning Eyes are Jesus Christ

And He's proclaimed our covenant


Burning Eyes by Ronhales

Hebrews 4: 13

This Talk With Satan

This Talk With Satan

This Talk With Satan


Heat envelopes me . . . As passion resonates through me

My senses explode with yearning . . . I set lust free!

But wait!! . . . You Evilest of Deceivers!

You no longer control this scene!

The power you once held,

Has been revoked by the King!

What did you say?

All the world is yours to give?

But what is gained,

If through eternity . . .

My soul cannot live?

Your offer may include satisfaction of . . . lust and desire;

But in reality,

The burning now . . . 

Will keep me from God's everlasting fire.

No, you cannot have

My fleshly lust for life . . .

For your ability to attack

Has been slashed

With God's enduring knife!

Bar yourself behind those gates of Hell.

But wherever you hide . . .

To Christ,

your gates already fell!

Hear me, O Satan . . .

And demons that follow . . .

My passion I give to Jesus,

And He now protects me within His Hollow.

In His Army ready,

My life I find . . .

And upon you,

Christ will capture, hold, and bind.

As your time nears . . . for your final fall,

I tell you,

My life belongs to Jesus . . .

The King of All!

So, you Evilest of Demons . . .

This talk with Satan has ended!

Your grip from me has been torn . . .

and through that King,

Jesus Christ the Lord . . .

My new life has been born!


This Talk With Satan by Ronhales

Revelation 2: 13

Be My God

This Talk With Satan

Be My God


Praise Your Name

Dear Lord

Be my Deliverer

My Founder

My Forever

Be my God


Be My God by Ronhales

Psalm 30: 12



Be My God


Forever O Lord

Your Word has been present

And forever to come

Your Word will be with us

Never alone

And never wanting

His Word carries us through

Fulfilled from the beginning

Till the final worship

Which never ends

True and Everlasting is He

The Word of God is forever


Forever by Ronhales

Psalm 130: 5





The Word of God

Dynamically influencing

My life, heart, soul, and day

It's on FIRE

The Word of God




Hot by Ronhales

Jeremiah 20: 9





O Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, prophecy is given

By Your Holy Spirit, prophecy is fulfilled

And through Jesus Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit

Leviathan, monster of the deep

Our hearts do not include your kingdom

Your war is over

You were killed

Jesus Christ led the attack

He is victorious

In that celebration

We exclaim His glory

The glory of God is fulfilled


Fulfilled by Ronhales

Philippians 1: 6