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ROMANS 8:38-39

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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WELCOME.  In reading the unique writings of poems, prose, lyrics, ballads, and praises found in the selection of categories ARMOR OF GOD, FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, GOD'S HAND, and Guest Writer/Author located separately at the top of the web page (mobile devices click on the '3-lines'), you are encouraged to read from the Bible each referenced scripture verse at the end of every writing and expression. Now start reading, and enjoy the joy of the Lord.

About Selah


Selah the word

Shortly after I started typing out my expressions that were in my journal, I realized that I wanted to use the word/term 'Selah' as a closing. I had known for some years that my last name spelled backward was the word used throughout the book of Psalm, but the term was not clearly defined for me. The searches I had done revealed that most scholars felt the term was of "uncertain meaning", "some obscure meaning", that donated "a rest or a pause", and was "intimating something emphatic". Some theologians believed it indicated "to lift up", "exalt", a "sudden shouting of 'Amen'", or "an emphatic word marking the point for 'lifting up' one's thought to God". Other definitions said it was "a technical musical term", "showing accentuation and interruption", "a moment of silence", a "musical interlude", or "marking a change of tempo". Expounding on these definitions I have heard other people say it meant "to think about it", to "pause and in reverence to God consider it", or to simply just "consider it". The latter versions of the meaning I liked for the reason to use it at the end of my writings (besides for the secondary use as a unique, albeit, reverse signature of my name). So I prayed about it. I asked the Lord if it was okay to use "Selah" and asked for an understanding of the term used in Psalm as relating to a closing in my writings. God is great, and He answered my prayer to my satisfaction and enjoyment. This is what I learned: While on a church tour in Israel I asked a shop keeper in Jerusalem about the term. I also inquired of our guide about it. Two things were told to me. Selah means "rocks". If a a person had a name of "Stone" in English, translated to Hebrew it would be "Selah". But that term used by King David in the book of Psalm is unknown, and spelled differently [In Hebrew]. King David's use of the word spelled in Hebrew (reading right to left),is Samekh Lamedh He, the 15th, 12th, and 5th letters in the 22 lettered Hebrew alphabet. That was the spelling and the word I wanted to use. I had the shop keeper build me a logo of the word 'Selah' over the fish sign of Jesus. I then checked again with our guide for accuracy of meaning and correctness of spelling to ensure I had the word used in Psalm. The logo was born. (Years later while on another trip to Israel I was told that my logo design could also be read at a glance as the Hebrew word for "forgiveness".) The Lord then drew my heart to Psalm 119 and I found the three letters spelling 'Selah' from the twenty-two Hebrew letters used in Psalm 119. The chapter is written using each letter of the Hebrew alphabet as an eight-verse acrostic, using the subject letter to start each verse in each separate acrostic writing. The letters Samekh, Lamedh, and He totaled 24 verses of the 176 verses in the entire chapter of Psalm 119, being three of the twenty-two Hebrew alphabetical letters being used. Each verse of the eight-verse stanza of each individual Hebrew letter acrostic began with the same Hebrew letter. Each verse of the eight verses in Samekh (Psalm 119:113-120) started with the Hebrew letter 'Samekh' and each verse of the eight verses in Lamedh (Psalm 119:89-96) started with "Lamedh", and so on and so on. I had an epiphany! Why then wouldn't 'Selah', the word, be defined by the letters used to spell the word, which are used in the verses of Psalm 119, which are 24 verses of God's Word? I thought "Yeah, why not?" So I read the verses of Samekh, Lamedh, and He, and said to myself "Let God's Word define the word Selah". And my intended meaning for 'Selah' at the end of my writings was born, i.e., Psalm119:113-120, 89-96, and 33-40. So "think about" these verses when you read the word 'Selah' at the end of my writings. Let a scripture word(s) out of the Holy Bible draw you back into God's Word. I believe that is the true purpose of the word 'selah', to take the reader back into the endless depths of God in order to seek Him and learn more about His eternal mercies. What a glorious cycle to be caught in! 

the author

About the author

I was born a country boy in a small town in a small state. I am the youngest of three children. I am definitely an outdoors person. I love camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and even driving around the beautiful forests and other natural resources God has created for our pleasure. My favorite time seems to be when I'm with friends and family in the center of one of God's gorgeous creations and I take out my notebook and just feel His presence surround me. I then write about what I see. I'm retired now after nearly forty years in the criminal justice system. That experience brought about who I am today by the grace of God. The only worth-while time that I care to relate is when the Lord dumped a truck load of bricks on me. (Spiritually this was done and not literally, although it hurt as if it physically happened.) I knew I could lay under those bricks as long as I wanted to, crushed, broken, and lost. But I reached up and cried out to Jesus Christ who lifted me out and set me on top of that heap of bricks. Then in a miraculous way, the Lord took those bricks that had crushed me and began using them to build a beautiful path before me. With His constant abiding in and with me, I took my steps off that pile of pain and started my journey on the path He built for me. My life being the Lord's, I am in His Word daily, praying without ceasing, fellowshipping in His Church, and spending every moment with Him by my side. I read the chapter in Proverbs that matches the date of the month to start my day (God planned Proverbs to end up with 31 chapters just so this reading can take place don't you know!?) I then usually go on to read Psalms, and then an Old Testament reading, and then I read out of the New Testament. It is a great way to start a day in the Lord by beginning in the Bible. My prayer time is special also, and the joyous times in celebrating the answer to my prayers that God gives me is even better yet. I encourage the reader of this profile to try that. Start reading God's Word daily. Read the dates's chapter in Proverbs and go from there.Pray, and know you will celebrate in the answer. The Lord our God, Jesus Christ is going to bless you. I pray that you feel the Lord nudge you into His Word, the Bible, as you read my writings on this website. God is a great God, and He wants you to be with Him forever. If you have never known what it is like to be secure after leaving this life, then turn to Jesus Christ and accept Him as your personal savior. He is God. He died for you. Then he rose from the grave, defeating death, and is now at the right hand of God presenting those that have claimed His truth to God the Father. Pray a prayer something like this to ask Jesus into your heart, right now: Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins. I believe you are God and came to earth in the flesh to save me. I believe you died on the cross and rose up from the grave. I believe you died for me and carried all my sins with you onto the cross and then buried them in your death. Come into my heart Lord Jesus, You are God, risen from the grave and now glorified. Thank you Jesus for saving me and coming into my heart right now. Amen. If you prayed this prayer, Jesus has come into your heart. Tell someone. Go out and find a church and begin a fellowship in the Lord's body, His Church. God bless you and keep you.

From the author

I started noticing written expressions in poetic form shortly after beginning my journaling. Among the praises and stories that I lifted to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of my life, were phrases, lyrics, psalms, and glories that raised words to Heaven on high. As I worshipped the Lord, being filled by His Holy Spirit, I wrote down my heart's feelings, bringing fullness to each page, notebook after notebook of what I had entitled "A Journey of Praise to Jesus Christ - A Living Passage". Soon I began sharing some of these love expressions to God with other people. Soon I was typing the writings out of the journals/notebooks and printing them onto designer paper and framing them and presenting them as beautiful wall-hangers to my friends. I realized the Lord had given me a gift, and an evangelical ministry. In faith I wrote what I saw as a praise in this created world. All things are created by God, and all things praise Him. I saw those praises coming from everything I viewed, and I wrote down the first thing in my mind regarding praise. Then, after the first line was written, I saw more praises and I wrote  them into words. After the second line was written, a third line came in the same way. From what I saw, I wrote line after line of praises to our Heavenly Father. A poem, psalm, lyric, or phrase was born. I believe it is a gift of God to reveal Himself to us. Within that mighty gift, I believe He has given me words which will allow us to see, hear, and give praises to Him. His creation is full of praising. My writings are not even a fraction of that which goes to Him every moment of every day. In praise to my Lord and Savior, I write. In praise to my God I read His Word and place a scripture verse on each written expression which becomes pointer into His Word, the Holy Bible. In praise to Jesus Christ I journey with Him through this life, and in praise to The King, I offer up these writings as a living passage to His redemptive grace. In Jesus I am saved. By Him I am redeemed. May each reader be drawn into God's Word through these writings, and may hearts be blessed. The following verses I have placed in my heart and in front of each new notebook: Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Revelation 19:7, Luke 8:5-15, Exodus 23:27-30, John 4:36-37, Amos 9:13, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalm 126:6. I encourage every reader to review these verses and allow the Holy Spirit to touch your life.

Response from the author

Never meaning to neglect anyone or any question, I find that this website is a blessing and a joy, but it is not without issue. I learned that someone took up an offense at one of the writings, taking that it was written about them literally and personally. Here is my response: I am sorry there was pain, but I would never write in attack one from another. Never would I use this site as a platform to verse an attack from me, the writer, to someone who is the reader. My subject and object has always been to guide the reader to the true Word of God, the Holy Bible. If someone feels harm because they thought I shot personally at them in one of these writings, believe me I did not. Here's the deal, I am sensitive, I feel pain, hurt, and sorrow. I do not lack those emotions. Therefore I would never put those things on any one on purpose. The only intent as the author in this website is to guide the reader to the Bible. That is why the reference verse is attached. Do not stop reading with what I have written, but look up the attached verse and read what God writes. And do not associate my words with God's Word. And the reference verse I attach to the prose may not be right for you, so seek further and read beyond the verse. God's Word will reveal the strength, the calm, the need which your heart wanders for. His Word will not harm, but will heal. His Word will not insult, but will love. Please forgive me if I somehow have caused pain because of what I write, I am sorry for that. Proverbs 19 verse 11 says, "A man's wisdom gives him patience: it is to his glory to overcome an offense." Please keep reading. Not just the website, but God's Word. More accurately, read God's Word more. Then share His Word with other's, and as your heart is touched, and as you reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will reach to you. Jesus is the only answer, the complete answer to all your questions. Jesus Christ, He is the total answer. In love,

What Do You Think About The Christ?

A Short Story To Tell by Ronhales

The old man leaned back in the tattered lounger, kicking his slippers off as he felt the weight fly away from his tired body. He'd been at the corner a long time, and finishing dinner he'd found comfort in his chair. He didn't mind holding a sign, and he didn't mind the comments he heard, and he didn't even mind that from day to day he went to the same place. But what he did mind was the lack of laughter. Mostly he missed children laughing. This time of year it was not hearing them around the Christmas tree. In his mind it seemed only a day or so when the kids came running into the room with their mother laughing and singing an off-key version of Jingle Bells. And it was still so clear in his mind as he remembered when his two boys brought their family over with the grand-children. They would open gifts, have dinner, and share all of Christmas day together. How could that have been 30 years ago? How could so many life times parade in front of him?

"Oh, Lord", he thought, "maybe tomorrow that family with the little red-haired girl who smiled and waved at me will come by again. And that guy who I said a prayer in my heart for, the one who looked so angry, that guy who was beating his steering wheel until he looked at me, perhaps he'll come back. I pray Lord, will you have him drive by tomorrow? Then there was the priest who had to sit so long after traffic backed up due to the light not working. I had carried my sign down the traffic line and when I saw him, he rolled down his window and just stared. Not a word spoken between us, but I noticed a single tear get about half way down his cheek before it evaporated away in this Arizona December sun. But of all I saw this day", the old man thought, "Lord, that guy on the motorcycle who had all those tattoos on his neck and bare arms, the biker who reached out his hand and upon touching mine revved that Harley so loud that every head in every car turned to us, Lord, especially bless him".

As the old man's eyes slowly closed, his lips moved with indistinct murmurs. He thought, "Maybe tomorrow Lord, I'll hear children laughing. Do that for me dear God. Through all the noise at that corner, let me hear laughter of children. Yes, I'll enjoy that very much". The old man's arm fell to the side of his chair, knocking his sign resting against it flat onto the floor. From the light in the street shining into his window, the writing on it could be read: What do you think about the Christ? Who's son is he?

In the street out beyond his room, a church bus drove by and the echo of voices singing a Christmas song drifted outward. And somewhere else while shopping for the perfect gift, his loving Grandson's wife spoke softly to her husband, "Tomorrow before you wheel Grandpa out to the sidewalk after lunch, let's tell him. It'll be such good news to him. His first great-grandchild! Let's do it tomorrow, okay? What a wonderful Christmas gift it will be!" And, before the nurse came to his room, the old man dreamed of the joy and laughter that was to come his way, "What a glorious life! What a glorious God! Thank you Lord Jesus!"


Matthew 22: 42