Answer The Call

Answer The Call

Answer The Call


Pull the pin put the ball

Shoot the basket 'cause you're tall

Take the badge make the call

Check the kid in the hall

Set the leg from the fall

Set up shop at the mall

Life is short is this all

Not my fault what a stall

Man is flesh not a doll

Death is here hop the wall

Who'll take sin we're too small

Jesus died arose for all 

Take the step answer the call

Don't you hear answer the call

He is God answer the call

One last time

Answer the call

One last time

Answer the call

One last time

Answer the call


Answer The Call by Ronhales

2Timothy 1: 8-9

As Will We

Answer The Call

Answer The Call


Jesus died to rise again,

As will we.

A day of grace will it be called,

So shall we.

No more suffering for those named in Him,

All things are forgiven.

There'll be no more hatred,

Only love will be given,

As will we.

In Jesus we were formed,

Like Him we shall be.

He has gone to be with The Father,

Just like someday, 

As Will We.


As Will We by Ronhales

Proverbs 10: 24

Your Ways

Answer The Call

Your Ways


Your ways for me O Lord

Are like the fog laden hills

That lie before me

But I follow You,

And when You draw me toward

Those unseen paths,

You bring a change which blows

A new wind across those hills,

And the fog is lifted,

And the path revealed

In Thy light.

Only with You

Does the blanket unwrap its covering

And reveal what was hidden from

My sight.

O Lord, You are the True Path,

And Your steps open my eyes

As I trust and follow You.

Your ways are my ways,

Even though they have yet

To be uncovered for my eyes.

Praise the Lord!


Your Ways by Ronhales

Psalm 119: 105


Glow Of God

Your Ways


Boots stand quietly in the corner . . . Yearning to be filled.

The coat hangs alone . . . Yearning to be filled.

The gloves lie on the shelf . . . Yearning to be filled.

How much more my heart!

The barn cries through its open door . . . "fill me, fill me!"

Fields spread themselves out . . . "Fill me with seed so I can give up a harvest!"

Stables and pastures call out . . . "fill me!"

How much more my heart!

As fire, which is all consuming, but never satisfied . . .

Fill me O Lord with Thy Spirit.

As the land which never quenches its desire for water . . .

Pour out Your Spirit on me.

The glove is useless until a hand fills its emptiness.

A coat is of no value until stretched over shoulders.

Boots are hollow and void until feet are placed in them.

O Lord, Your Spirit is the hand of my glove . . .

Is the body of my coat . . .

Is the foot for my boot which will guide and take me along.

Fill the pastures of my heart.

Fill the fields of my soul.

Fill the storage place of my heart, the barns, the stables

With Your Spirit, Your Word.

Fill my heart with Your Spirit O Lord.

Then use all that You have given me . . .

To give to others.

Fill me . . . Holy Spirit

Use me . . . Holy Spirit.


Boots by Ronhales

Acts 4: 31

Lead On

Glow Of God

Glow Of God


Daily we are being prepared to move from these green pastures

To the next meadow full of lush green grass.

The journey may have a time and place of danger,

But God is our Shepherd

And He knows the way,

And He has defeated all our enemies.

I look forward to the journey.

It will demonstrate many times over

How great my God is,

And how loving and caring He is.

His mighty works and great wonders

Will be my praise and rejoicing every day,

And every morning and every evening.

You have prepared us O Lord,

Rested and able are we.

You are able to lead me on O God,

And I abide in You.

Lead on O Lord. 

Lead on.


Lead On by Ronhales

Genesis 33: 14

Glow Of God

Glow Of God

Glow Of God


I love by the way You touch me,

I love Thy mercies so,

In the skies You are evident,

In the way You turn the earth,

All Thy blessings flow.

Glorious is Your fellowship,

The wonders of Your worth of me,

The oceans know of You,

And the rivers of rain wash over all,

As Your hand is upon the sea.

The Glory of God is in me,

His glow I portray,

The value of who He is,

Is in me in every way.

I am the glow of God,

All things He has bestowed,

His mercies and His glory,

His wealth of Him I show.

I am the glow of God,

Christ Jesus shines in me,

I am the glow of God,

And there is no mystery,

All of who God will have us to be,

Is known by His Son Jesus setting us free.

By His Son Jesus in me,

I am the glow of God.


Glow of God by Ronhales

Galatians 2: 20


At Grandma's

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?

Pleasantly Abide


Eggs on the platter, bacon on the grill,

Biscuits in the oven, as we kids cover from the chill.

Grandpa's in his chair, a smile in his eye,

While Grandma's at the stove,

Getting the last bacon to fry.

The furnace vent found, we kids steal its heat,

Then Grandpa rises up, as Grandma calls, "It's time to eat".

Laughing to our chairs, we kids settle in,

As Grandpa says his grace, Grandma bows her head in a grin.

No playing with food, happy as we are,

Then Grandma wipes my fingers and Grandpa lights up his cigar.

Rolling on the floor, Grandma tucks my shirt,

Then outside we kids run, to play with our trucks in the dirt.

Later, near the woodshed's door, Grandpa cuts kindling,

Since he's been gone all day, he hears what we've been playing in.

Then, we kids get washed up, supper's been made,

And off to bed we must go, all day at Grandma's we've stayed.

Days like these are gone, but our hearts are filled.

We kids now are the ones, warming all our Grandchildren's chill.

Memories are great, a lesson well taught,

Love's the best gift given, when by a loving heart it is brought.

Thank you God for this, our Grandparent's love,

They knew what was needed, and we kids learned it came from above.

Yes, thank you dear Lord,

'twas You all along.

Grandma and Grandpa loved You,

And now, me and mine,

In You,

Are where we belong.


At Grandma's by Ronhales

Deuteronomy 4: 9

Pleasantly Abide

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?

Pleasantly Abide


It's now quiet sitting in the plaza alone,

But your voice is still clear in my mind,

And your words linger in the glowing tone,

As we share our thoughts in the morning sunshine.

The air is crisp with a scent of rain,

I may soon need to move inside,

So I wrap this memory gently which I retain,

Until again we pleasantly abide.

I hadn't thought our meeting would become well known,

Longing for intimacy to be entwined,

Yet what was said is not just my own,

And there's a reason that it is left behind.

Cushioned in hope with much to gain,

I want to share tears of joy I cried,

And now feeling your gift of dying pain,

I'm relieved to tell others of how you died.

Our time together was planned in a moan,

Just as creation of all things was in kind,

For you yourself sit on the reigning throne,

And everything planned is of your design.

So we meet and speak and talk of blame,

Knowing your will and mine would collide,

But through perfect love willing to attain,

I'm forgiven as will all believers in whose heart you reside.

Tomorrow I'll come and for a while sit alone,

But then your word will speak to my heart and mind,

And those words from the Bible will set the tone,

Of how again you turned darkness to sunshine.

And although outside it may be a day of rain,

All things of me are good inside,

For I look to you and your word which I retain,

And find that we continue to pleasantly abide.


Pleasantly Abide by Ronhales

Psalm 91: 1

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?


What is a smile like from Jesus?

Is it knowing that the person you love said "yes"?

Can it be when you got the task accomplished?

How about when you first step into the new house?

Is that what a smile from Jesus is like?

Or is it the kiss you so needed?

The hug and shoulder to rest on?

The hand that's there when you reach out?

Is that a smile from Jesus?

Or is it knowing that He was there?

Or realizing He died alone for you?

Or that He died for you alone?

Or is it the smile He gives you

Because you love Him?

That smile which only you know

And you share with Him?

That is when you know

What a smile from Jesus is like!


What Is A Smile From Jesus Like? by Ronhales

Matthew 19: 14

In Comfort's Charm

In Comfort's Charm

What Is A Smile Like From Jesus?


As  the cat has the chair,

Stretched from arm to arm,

I settle for the floor,

Relaxed in comfort's charm.

Splashes of light from the old hearth,

Appear to make the walls

An army on the march.

No doubt I'm in that place

Which chases away all alarms,

For I'm in perfect peace,

Relaxed in comfort's charm.

As I lie here,

Blending with this carpet

Over a hand-hewn board,

I feel the warmth of Jesus,

A blanket, pulled over me

By the Lord.

To Christ I give myself,

He removed all my fears of harm,

And thus I relax content,

Within His comfort's charm.


In Comfort's Charm by Ronhales

2 Thessalonians 2: 16-17

Perfect Way

In Comfort's Charm

Blissful Sleep


If all to that I ever do

If all it is I ever say

But to spend this time with you

Then God has accomplished

In me

His perfect way


Perfect Way by Ronhales

Colossians 3: 4

Blissful Sleep

In Comfort's Charm

Blissful Sleep


So, to bed we linger

As sleep makes

Its final thrust.

But in our arms

We find

Lasting love

Without the lust.

So, cover our eyes

With Your blanket of rest

And provide dreams, O God

To our beds.

And through this

Darkened deep,

Grant us

Blissful sleep.



Blissful Sleep by Ronhales

Psalm 4: 8



Glorious Is This Day

Glorious Is This Day


Flowers praise God by their beauty!

Each one is so brilliant!

Gorgeous does not justify their look.

Each one competes for the prize

Of most lovely.

But they are all created by God,

And He doesn't compete with anyone.

He alone can create such

Wondrous glory!

No one can match Him!

Even His own creations

Can not duplicate their beauty.

Only of God, by God, from God,

Through God, and in God

Is such things done!

Thank you God for all things,

But especially for flowers.


Flowers by Ronhales

Luke 12: 27

Glorious Is This Day

Glorious Is This Day

Glorious Is This Day


O Glorious Day In You O Lord

How you magnify each

Second in time

Spent with You

Everything is enlarged in

Loving kindness from You

To concentrate only on You

Is each of Your creation's


We are glorified by Your Glory O Lord

We are at peace in our soul

Because Your glory bursts

From us

Praise Your name


Glorious is this day!


Glorious Is This Day by Ronhales

Psalm 145: 5

Who You Are

Glorious Is This Day

The Lord Is Enough For Me


You are God

You are love

We are in You

Thank You Lord God

For Who You Are

And for who

You have made us to be


Who You Are by Ronhales

2 Samuel 7: 28

The Lord Is Enough For Me

The Lord Is Enough For Me

The Lord Is Enough For Me


The Lord is enough for me.

His Word is my plenty.

His Holy Spirit provides my increase.

Nothing I do,

Can make miracles,

Only what God

Does for me.

He provides His gifts to me,

And they are for Him to use,

And to demonstrate the power

Of His righteousness,

His mercy, His grace,

His love

That He has for all of us.

Thank you Dear Lord

For the plenty that You provide.

Everything from You is enough.

My Lord is enough for me.


The Lord Is Enough For Me by Ronhales

1 Corinthians 2: 12


The Lord Is Enough For Me

In His House


Mostly they come with their gray hair

And reading glasses

But even as family is in hand

Some look like they could still

Attend the Senior classes

Stepping out of a Jaguar, Dodge Diesel

Or functional Mini-Van

They join together to relive

The years they span

Open the doors to the old school

For this was the place of those

Who dreamt of being cool

Here is found fantasy and 'usta do'

Hanging in the halls

Can't you still hear

How life past and life ahead calls?

Is this why these old graduates

Have dropped all they're doin'

To join their friends in a 

High School reunion?

Or do these busy lives

Stop to reflect during these few hours

On how it is or could've been

Due to God's wondrous powers?

Our Lord and Savior is who joins us here

For without Jesus

What value or worth

Does life have to share?

So reach out and take the hand

Of your High School mate

But realize it is Jesus

Who has glorified fate

In Him, by Him, and through Him

Jesus, God's Son

Is the real reason, the only reason

We're having this

High School Reunion


Reunion by Ronhales

1 John 3: 1

In His House

The Lord Is Enough For Me

In His House


In His House

I Rest

In His Parlor

I Abide

In His Court

He Recognizes Me

And Upon His Throne

He Places Me

To All Things

He Is The Most High God

To Him Be Honor

And Glory Forever!


His House by Ronhales

Job 36: 7


What Kings

From The River

What Kings


What Kings we see from here

Their glory shining so bright

With skies open and clear

To display their

Awesome might

Rulers and Royalty

Dressed in their finest do wait

As we watch their entry

From above this western gate

This day has been prepared

Since Heaven was created

And glory will be shared

With those most dedicated

Kings of every nation

Will come before the Most High

Bowing down to God's Son

"I surrender" as their cry

What Kings we see from here

Asking Jesus to save them

Brought to a place so dear

City of Jerusalem

What Kings we see from here

Atop this lofty gem

As they enter far and near 

City of Jerusalem

O City O City

Glory from this gate I see

Jerusalem O City

What Kings have glorified thee


What Kings by Ronhales

Isaiah 60: 3 

Jeremiah 22: 4 


From The River

What Kings


The wind churns the leaves in the breeze,

As the hand turns the apple squeeze.

The Bluejay sings its song of plea,

The children rush around with glee.

We're going on a picnic

We're going on a picnic

Take a drive to the perfect spot,

Bring out the chicken while it's hot.

Spread out the handmade table cloth,

Shake it once or twice, rid the moth.

Set out the salads, set out the drinks, 

Put down the pies with pleasing winks.

Cut into the watermelon,

Take a taste, but can't be telling'.

Slice the tomatoes and the bread,

Whoever's here's gonna get fed.

We're going on a picnic

We're going on a picnic

Make the cry and ring the bell,

The table's set and worth a yell.

There's enough food for all to eat,

Just come on in and take the treat.

We're having a picnic

We're having a picnic

In God's house the food's just as free,

But will last through eternity.

His Word is open for us all,

Celebrating a wedding ball.

Jesus Christ is the special guest,

And He's prepared the meal that's best.

He's the Groom and we're His Bride,

"Join in this wedding feast", He's cried,

"Come to the table set for you,

A feast served for the chosen few."

We're having a picnic

We're having a picnic

We're having a picnic - Jesus style!


Picnic by Ronhales

2 Corinthians 9: 10

From The River

From The River

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord


Stare into the water's deepness,

It captures the sun's brightness,

Mountains steepness.

Shimmering gold,

Sparkling treasure,

Just a glimpse of beauty

In unknown measure.

Skies below reflect skies above,

Mirrored images 

For the flight of a dove.

Waters part as the Heavens tear,

From the river to the banks,

The Christ is there.

Waves and ripples repeat what's done,

While a voice from Heaven says,

"This is my Son!".

Hear the river shout, the fish sing,

The rocks and stones dance,

For they proclaim Him King.

The waters calm,

The image is clear.

Rejoice! For Jesus Christ

Was baptized here!


The River by Ronhales

Psalm 148

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord


Do you know when to say "Thank You, Lord",

And just enjoy the joy of the Lord?

Don't forget today. 

Put tomorrow aside.

Enjoy the joy of the Lord.

Receive His blessings.

Revel in His countenance.

Enjoy the joy of the Lord.

Nurture the good soil.

Marvel at the harvest.

And enjoy the joy of the Lord.

He loves giving His loving heart.

He thrills in pleasing us.

So enjoy the joy of the Lord,

Don't ask why.

Don't second guess.

Just enjoy the joy of the Lord.

He has given joy for His joy.

Thank you Lord.

Now let's enjoy the joy of the Lord!

Share in His joy.

Welcome this gift.

Enjoy the joy of the Lord.

Enjoy the joy of the Lord!


Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord by Ronhales

Nehemiah 8: 10

Cruisin' With God

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord

Stand'n N' Clapp'n


Let's go cruisin' with God!!

It's not like the cruisin' in the good ole days,

It's certainly not the kind to pick up Gays,

For the meaning of cruisin' has changed,

Just like the word gay is re-arranged.

Although in a sense it's searchin' for a pickup,

But instead of riding in one, souls are lifted up.

So jump on in and get ready,

You're about to be pinned by your steady.

Once declared as a chosen one,

Buckle up to race with the Son!

Let's go cruisin' with God!

He'll guide our way

To hearts He'll save;

But we've got to be on the streets,

In order to cover the assigned beats!

Slip the clutch and spin the tire,

We're gonna set some souls on fire!

Don't miss this date,

And we're stayin' out late!

Come on, Let's go cruisin' with God!

We're makin' every stop,

Drive-in and shop;

There's plenty of room,

Runnin' without the top;

And the road's clear,

All the way to the hop!

Let's go cruisin' with God!


Cruisin' With God by Ronhales

Genesis 5: 2

Stand'n N' Clapp'n

Enjoy The Joy Of The Lord

Stand'n N' Clapp'n


The door is open,

The music's loud,

The lot is full,

It must be a dance.

By myself tonight,

No where to go, 

It's still early,

I'll just take a glance.

Stand'n n' clapp'n,

Tapp'n their toes,

People sing'n,

To a different beat.

Welcomed by a smile,

Pat on the back,

What kind of dance,

Gives this type of greet?

I can see the band,

I'm in the swing,

But where to go,

When there's no dance floor?

In looking around,

There's so much joy,

Everyone's happy,

No one seems a bore.

We're dancin' tonight,

Kick'n up heels,

Who's the partner

That swings these parts?

With my arms outstretched,

I find the One,

And sing His praise,

From a thankful heart.

Could dance all night long,

At such a place,

Where Angels are,

And Heaven comes down.

For what I found here,

Was a joyful noise

In Jesus Christ,

The Prize of a Crown!


Stand'n N' Clapp'n by Ronhales

Psalm 150: 4


A Gracious Welcome

A Gracious Welcome

A Gracious Welcome


This house which I sleep and awake in

Is full of love

It has Jesus here!

Peace and tranquility

Have greeted me.

With comfort and rest

I abide

Praise the name of Jesus!

He is The Host.

And through His Holy Spirit,

Extends a gracious welcome.


A Gracious Welcome by Ronhales

Revelation 3: 20

Your Land

A Gracious Welcome

A Gracious Welcome


Take me to Your land

O Lord

Take me to Your land

That land so rich and fertile

Where my open doors

Will welcome my


Where You will abide

With me everyday

Take me to Your land

O Lord

The land You have given me


Your Land by Ronhales

Revelation 21: 1

Many Things

A Gracious Welcome

Many Things


Many things

You do for us, Lord

Many things 

You give to us

Many things

You grant us

For only one thing in return

That we allow You to do

Many things 

For us

To give us

Many things

And to grant us

Many things

Through You, O Lord

All things

Are accomplished


Many Things by Ronhales

Acts 17: 24-25

John 6:63

My Life

My Comfort These Days

Many Things


With the involvement of

Jesus Christ in my life . . .

May my debts have no more life

May my sins never rise again

May my feelings always

Be kind to others

And may my love

Be always like

The first touch of Jesus . . .

Thank you Lord for

Having Your way in my life!


My Life by Ronhales

Psalm 18: 30

Call Me

My Comfort These Days

My Comfort These Days


At anytime, you can call me

If you can't sleep

. . . call me

If you are disturbed

. . . call me

If you are frustrated

. . . call me

If you are lonely

. . . call me

If you are sad

. . . call me

If you are happy

. . . call me

If you are encouraged

. . . call me

If you need love

. . . call me

If you just need to talk

. . . call me

Whenever you just want to

. . . call upon My Name

The name of Jesus Christ


Call Me by Ronhales

Romans 10: 13

My Comfort These Days

My Comfort These Days

My Comfort These Days



I find my comfort these days

Come from my Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ

No other can give

What I receive

From Him

In Christ

Is all I desire

Praise Him

Throughout eternity


My Comfort These Days by Ronhales

Psalm 119: 76


Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards

Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards

Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards


I see the metal sheets stacked near the old barn.

Those sheets that were the roof of my home,

And the rotted boards that were the walls of my room.

Now lying so still.

If restructured, it would be a shack.

But what it was, was my home.

The metal roof and wood walls was

Where Mother and Daddy raised me.

Where we had hot soup for dinner, and slept under heavy quilts.

The rain would hammer out its noise on the metal roof,

And the wind would blow through the wooden walls.

But in the hands of Mother and Daddy it was my home.

Under the metal roof, Mother would read and Daddy would sing.

And sometimes when she read, she would read from The Bible,

And Daddy would hum to the words.

It was under that metal roof where I first heard the name of Jesus,

That name so precious to me now.

It was between those wooden boards where Mother and Daddy heard me pray

That precious name into my heart.

Now as I stand and view the metal sheets and rotten boards,

I can still hear my Mother cry and see my Daddy's tears

As I asked Jesus into my life.

That old shack is long gone,

And Mother and Daddy have passed from this world.

But from under that metal roof and between those wooden walls

Came something that will never pass,

Will never end.......

The life with Jesus.

I can leave this stack of sheet metal and walk away from these rotten boards,

But I take with me the love that Mother and Daddy gave,

And the love that I received from Jesus Christ.

For from this sheet of metal and rotten boards,

Is built a mansion in Heaven

Where I'll join Mother and Daddy and all the Saints

In hearing God's Word and singing His praises

forever and ever.

Thank you Lord for this stack of metal and for these rotten boards.

May my house for my wife and children be blessed.

May your Holy Word and Your praises ring out.

For in this metal roof and rotten boards,

Your Word continues on.

Thank you dear Lord

For these metal sheets and rotten boards.


Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards by Ronhales

James 4:5

Undying Will

Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards

Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards


See the voices of the mountains

See the thoughts of the hills

Hear the visions of the trees

As they speak to undying will

Nothing so glorious

Nothing as rapturous

Nothing compares

To undying wills

Quickly grasp the ending vista

Quickly hold the fading view

Gather up all the rainbows

Preserve each one's colored hue

Turn flowing rivers inside out

Turn clouds to upward spill

Prevent the fountains coolness

Listen to its undying will

Nothing so glorious

Nothing so rapturous

Nothing compares 

To an undying will

Create Heavens and create the Earth

Create man and the woman

Produce love with its beauty

Then allow sin to be woven

Send the Only Begotten Son

Let love be restored again

Crush the head of Satan

See the reign of Jesus begin

Allow man to face God's Son

Allow the Word to fulfill

But even death can't overcome

What has been God's Undying Will

Nothing so glorious

Nothing as rapturous

Nothing compares

To God's Undying Will

Come into the resurrection

Come out of the world's ordeal

Take the hand of Jesus

And receive God's Undying Will

Nothing so glorious

Nothing so rapturous

Nothing compares

To God's Undying Will


Undying Will by Ronhales

John 3: 16

Not Ever Lost

Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards

Not Ever Lost


Who cries these tears that split the mountains

And cause the streams to flow?

Who spoke those words that divided the sky

And gave the lightening to glow?

Whose feet are burnished bronze

With sandals no man can untie?

Oil of perfume and tears of joy

Mingle in blood as we die.

Bought together for a price

Paid to the wages of sin,

And a cross divided,

Between the lost,

And the grace from within.

These are the sums to a day

Forever turned to night,

But given a brightness that drives

The shadow back to light.

Strained against the wood

That was dragged upon the road of stone,

Then laid away in a place

Where rock is the rest to bone.

Where is the end

That was there

Beginning at the start of time?

Not ever lost

Not ever over

Ascending to His Heavenly climb.


Not Ever Lost by Ronhales

Romans 8: 38-39

For Me To Do

This Kind Of Love

Not Ever Lost


O Lord, let it be

In the things for me to do,

That Your will is done

In those things for me to do.

Nothing will glorify You more, O Lord,

Than that which pleases You,

So let Thy plan for me be done,

So that Thy plan

For me is done for You.

Yes, O Lord, let it be done

In me for You,

Those things that 

You have planned

For me to do.


For Me To Do by Ronhales

Isaiah 53: 10

We Vow

This Kind Of Love

This Kind Of Love


To her I ask,

How does our love stand?

How did it form?

When did you know?

When did you take my hand?

To me she says,

We walk with the Lord.

Jesus shapes our day.

He determines our way.

By Him my heart roared.

Together we  vow,

Our love stands in Jesus.

Christ gives or takes.

In His blessings we live.

Through Him we have purpose.

Sing praises!

For He gave you to me.

Sing praises to Him!


We Vow by Ronhales

Psalm 65: 1

This Kind Of Love

This Kind Of Love

This Kind Of Love


Incredible is the love

That only someone that has

Experienced it,

Can appreciate.

No one that is not in it,

Can say they know it.

If you're away from it,

No words can explain it.

But when you're in it,

No words can explain it.

This kind of love

Comes only from Christ Jesus,

And faith makes it grow.

Have the faith

And find this great love,

The love of God.


This Kind Of Love by Ronhales

Ephesians 3: 17-19



Racing To Catch A Sunset

Racing To Catch A Sunset


In confidence

May we go ahead into the paths of our lives

What we are doing is the first step,

Like the first step of the steps

Leading to the temple in Jerusalem

We go up and forward,

But in doing so, must focus on where we are

Lest we stumble and perhaps fall

Yet always knowing

Where we are going

And what it will be like to be there

In God's prescence


Steps by Ronhales

Psalm 45: 15

Racing To Catch A Sunset

Racing To Catch A Sunset

Racing To Catch A Sunset


Have you ever raced to see a sunset and ended up missing all of it?

Or, are the sunsets you find, the sunsets without color?

Does your walk with Jesus seem to be missing the desired effect?

Is your life in Christ colorless?

Then stop, and wait where you are, and let the glory of the Lord appear.

Quit racing to catch a sunset, and watch the skies change above you.

If you see no color and beauty in Christ, then wait and allow Him to fill it in.

Perhaps sunsets have no color, for an instant;

But then, are shortly glorified with a sky of wonder and magnificence.

Stop racing to catch just a glimpse,

All will be seen if you wait upon the Lord.

Wait for Him to deliver it all to you.

Wait for Him.


Racing To Catch A Sunset by Ronhales

Psalm 37: 7


Racing To Catch A Sunset



Waiting here for this appointment

Reminds me of fishing.


Anticipation for the Doctor's exam,

And anticipation for the fish to bite.

It seems to me that I am hungry for the event to occur,

But the excitement that builds in the wait,

Is not only an enjoyable part of the event,

But it may be the best part of the entire incident.

I get excited in the Lord.

And yet what He may have me walk through,

The trial, the suffering, the commitment, the endurance,

Building me up in Him, my anticipation of His glorious outcome,

Gathers up in me all that I really need.

My excitement of Him is the wealth of all that He does in me.

My anxiousness of His completion in me, is as great, perhaps greater,

Than the earnings at the end.


I am never tired at the end of a great day walking the shore of a river.

I am never weary after an afternoon of sitting on the bank of a lake.

The experience enjoying being there exceeds my need to catch a fish.

Anticipation may be my best reward.

In the same way, I wait with great anticipation for miracles in my life.

I wait in wonderful excitement, anxiousness, and joy.

But here's the difference of Godly things and earthly things,

Anticipation on earth may be my greatest enjoyment of the total exciting event,

Yet, I know that the wait to see my Lord is nothing compared to seeing Him.

Anticipation will be forgotten when glory comes.

On earth anticipation is a reward, but then, 

Glory will be even a greater reward.

That's why I'm so excited.


For the end will bring in the beginning of glory with God.

Now that is worth being excited about.

Anticipate then, anticipate being with the Lord.

Anticipate it in joy!


Anticipate by Ronhales

1 Thessalonians 1: 3


They're Not My Friends They're My Family



I close my eyes

And know the glory

Of the Lord

It has overcome me

His gates He opens to me

And gives the 

Inheritance to me

Nothing More

To be done


Inheritance by Ronhales

1 Peter 1: 3-5

They're Not My Friends They're My Family

They're Not My Friends They're My Family

They're Not My Friends They're My Family


Selfish and arrogant, dysfunctional and distrustful, haughty, proud, insistent, and boastful.

What kind of friends are these you say to me?

They're not my friends, they're my family.

Like an off-key harmony and marching out of step,

Perfect to themselves while seeing society un-kept,

Doing as they please, yet overlooking advice,

Running in haste, making the same mistake twice.

Friends I can comfort, friends may even listen to me,

But these aren't my friends, they're my family.

Bobby's in his room all the time, he'd rather be stuffy than noticeable,

Sue doesn't use my name, just a letter when she's quotable,

Tammy smiles and says "hi" but talks behind your back,

And Lacey does whatever she wants, with an idealism of 'attack', 'attack', 'attack'.

Then there's Ralph, always complaining for more,

And Ed who can't make up his mind, but for sure is never near a chore,

Karl the boxer, and of course he's looking for a fight,

And then there's Miki, trying to make peace but normally taking flight.

How can I take it?

How can I stand to have them near me?

Well, they're not my friends, they're my family.

Always gouging, always clawing, always disagreeing, 

Never agreeing.

Always anxious, always testing, 

Checking to bring you to their level, but always rejecting.

So what can I do?

What more can I do?

Never acceptable, but expected.

Never satisfying, but all I do is certainly dissected.

So what can I do?

How can I be like they want and still be me?

For there are choices with friendships,

But these guys are family.

Nurture and be loving, that's what I'll do.

Overlook the offenses and repay in kindness by two.

I'll fill my heart with thoughts of what could be,

Believing that they will be,

Then pray for a miracle from God,

For He's much bigger than me.

I'll put in the effort, serving God with love,

Saying great things and showing patience given from above.

I'll rejoice in fear

And return abuse with mercy,

For this is more than trying to keep friends,

This is serving my family.

I'm probably not well liked, more sure than not,

And there'll be more fights ahead,

Than what I've already seen fought,

But it is so well worth it in the peace process for me,

For these aren't my friends,

They're my family.

Yes, they may not be friends to me,

But I will love them

Because they are my family.


They're Not My Friends They're My Family by Ronhales

Luke 8: 21


They're Not My Friends They're My Family

They're Not My Friends They're My Family


See the fields on the farthest hill?

See the cattle as they feed there?

I have no stock, why do I err?

No grain to harvest for the mill!

Am I trapped in a place I know nothing about?

More mansions are built everyday.

Banks grow and others become rich.

But I'm stuck, like tied to a hitch!

Month to month I live on my pay.

The ambitious gain even more,

The young see the boss over tea.

Promoted was he over me!

Slave everyday but remain poor.

I'm trapped in a place I know nothing about!

The seas well up and wash aboard,

While the sail is tasked by the wind.

I steer left, to the right I bend,

Looking up, all I see is floor,

Because I'm trapped in a place I know nothing about!

To Christ I reach, He restores me!

My path the Lord laid before me!

Re-scripted, like this verse did He,

And planned me for eternity.

God hates the desire of this world,

That is why Jesus came to die.

Our sins are buried forever,

Along with Satan and his lie!

Now with Christ I journey ahead,

Leaving this life of shame and doubt.

Released from the trap,

That I don't want to know anything about!


Released by Ronhales

Psalm 23: 3


Burdens Of Stone

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow


Burdens of stone,

Drug in the sand.

The turmoil is clearly written by my own hand.

No freedom from the sin I wear,

For I am locked to death,

Which I openly bear.

I must desire my escape.

Will the sin's bondage be released?

Will they break?

I have met Jesus here and now.

To Him I yield my life,

My load, His love,

As I bow.

You have declared Your way O Lord.

The struggles and turmoil cut off

By your great sword.

Burdens of Stone

Left in the sand,

For I have met You,

And am lifted into Your hand.


Burdens Of Stone by Ronhales

Matthew 11: 28

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow


Restore me O Lord

Like You restore the blossoms each spring

Refresh me like rain

On a summer's eve

Replenish me

Like the high mountain waters that snow showers bring

And rest me

In Your harvest breeze

Thy season's mingle among the raptured Saints aglow

Each month changes

The freshly fruited trees

While whirling winds bring beauty

To the showers of blossoms and snow

And sing 

To the harvested sheaves

Showers of  blossoms and snow 

Dance with glee around my head

While Jesus Christ

I praise upon my knees

And beside the harvest

Where I can rest on my eternal bed

I'm kept safe

From robbers and thieves

O take me to the place

Where showers of blossoms and snow await

Lift me O Lord

In Thy whispering breeze

Lead me to the streets of gold

By the way of Thy Pearly Gate

And provide to me 

Thy fruited trees

Yes take me to Thy Kingdom

Of mingling blossoms and snow

Where drifting they go

On Your whispering breeze

Then restore me O Lord

With Thy Saints in blossoms and snow

Where forever

We'll praise You

Upon our knees


Showers Of Blossoms And Snow by Ronhales

Ezekiel 47: 12

God's Canopy

Showers Of Blossoms And Snow

God's Canopy


As they hover over me

They stand alert and ready

A shawl is spread in unfolded strength

Armor of battle held steady

I gather in all I am

For Satan's will is not to be

And underneath these angel's hands

I rest within God's canopy

You see the shadow of these warriors

With the rush of a summer breeze

Always present not always seen

Hidden beneath the outstretched trees

Prayers to our Heavenly Father

Are carried by these battle worn

For Satan attacks constantly

But God's canopy never torn

And as His canopy grows and grows

Like the shadow cast from the Son

The mighty angels do their duty

Knowing the war was already won


God's Canopy by Ronhales

Psalm 91: 11


The Day Begone

God's Canopy


Thank you Lord

For Your rest

That You place over me

The rest You laid upon Yourself

You now cover over me

In Your rest 

Will all peace be formed

Will all comfort be known

Thank you Lord

For providing me

With Your shelter of rest


Rest by Ronhales

Hebrews 4: 9

The Day Begone

The Day Begone

The Day Begone


As I look onto the day gone by

It is no wonder that

I praise my Lord

He has gathered me

And closed this day

Now I rest for tomorrow 

A day He knows

And has yet to show to me

I can wait for the glory

To be revealed

For in everyday

There is glory of my Lord revealed

Just as there was today

Thank you for Your glory dear Lord

Thank You


The Day Gone By by Ronhales

Hebrews 13: 20-21

Heavenly Walk

The Day Begone

The Day Begone


Let's take a walk.

You know where we'll go.

I'll take us to our favorite place,

Where life passes so slow.

Under the canopy of trees that grow

Will be just one trail taken

As we make our leisurely stroll.

See it in your mind,

Each step this day.

Pressures run and stress hides,

While sweet imagination

Takes us along a peaceful way.

Skip with me as we laugh and play,

Then into a restful love we'll find

Our perfect place to stay.

So come now

And take a walk with me.

In your heart could you think

Of a better place to be?

Hold my hand

And you will surely see,

That life becomes a Heavenly Walk,

When done as a child with Thee.


Heavenly Walk by Ronhales

Psalm 143: 8



Roads Of Decision

Roads Of Decision


In the shadows of the searching sun

Are remnants of a faded past.

From in these depths of the glooming lost,

Are the things that will never last.

Brandishing weapons of sin and shame

Are those who cling to earth's hopes, dreams,

But they never see what's true and real

Or of God's righteous scenes.

His light are all shadows gone, all done,

For the light is Jesus,

God's ever-reaching Son.

Yes, in the light of Jesus

All things are revealed,

So come to Him for life,

And give up what you thought your shadows concealed.


Shadows by Ronhales

Matthew 4: 16-17

Roads Of Decision

Roads Of Decision

Roads Of Decision


We face decisions everyday,

Roads that are traveled to find our way.

The trip planned by how we pack,

Too often puts us on the wrong track.

Don't get back on the road again,

When they all end, 

Jesus begins.

Bad roads, good roads, back roads and side roads

Dirt roads, dusty roads, high roads, and low roads

All roads are no roads

For no roads are like

The Highway to Heaven with Jesus!

If you travel in fear and doubt,

Are in despair, going nowhere route,

Find your road mapped by the Devil?

Then seek the straight, narrow, and level.

Jesus Christ is the road maker,

Follow His blaze, the Great Path Breaker.

Bad roads, good roads, back roads and side roads

Dirt roads, dusty roads, high roads and low roads

All roads are no roads

For no roads are like

The Highway to Heaven with Jesus!

Don't get back on old roads again,

For they all end,

But Jesus begins.

Where it is narrow, there is room.

Travel with Him, Jesus Christ our Groom.

Bad roads, good roads, back roads and side roads

Dirt roads, dusty roads, high roads and low roads

All roads are no roads

For no roads are like

The Highway to Heaven with Jesus!


Roads Of Decision by Ronhales

Numbers 22: 34

Stems In A Vase

Roads Of Decision

Stems In A Vase


Stems in a vase,

What is the purpose?

Do we exclaim a glory throughout our place,

Or hold within

And be satisfied as just

A stem in a vase?

Beauty we chose,

'tis just a surface.

Molded, formed, but created to hold a rose,

Or is the vase proclaimed,

As the subject of

The beauty we chose?

Blossoms must shine,

Isn't that the goal?

Should we not burst forth

And not hide under a vine,

Being seen as an element of God

Where our blossoms must shine?

Stems in a vase,

The purpose foretold.

Become like Jesus as we seek His face,

Then exclaim and become the flowers intended,

Held by stems in a vase.


Stems In A Vase by Ronhales

Psalm 90: 17

In My House

Now Is The Time

Stems In A Vase


God is praised in my house

Those that enter will find His glory

He will be made known to all

Who come in

They will worship Him in this place

We will praise God in my house


In My House by Ronhales

Joshua 24: 15

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time


I rested in Him.

He wrapped me in His solitude

And calmed me.

This is my peace,

His grace.

Now is that time.

Now is the time for worship.

Praise to Jesus our Lord.


Now Is The Time by Ronhales

Psalm 118: 24

Satan's Song

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time


Reckless abuser, vow breaker, liar,

demanding, defiler,

unforgiving, never forgetting,

righteous portrayer, nullifier.

Common to all man, you speak with authority,

But just a deceiver you are in reality.

Right is wrong, and good is bad, 

that's how you convince us,

and then we're had.

"Too late to change, too late to say you're sorry,

for you're bad, you're bad,

you're very, very bad."

'Promise Keeper', that's a sham,

more like 'Death's Reaper' calling to

the poor last lamb.

And Youth Minister or Church Pastor,

now that's a good one,

don't you mean 'Back Biter' 

or 'Confidence Reciter' after your preaching's done?

And Housewife without flaw,

"Leave your Husband" is your righteous call,

too godly for God, 

yet betrayal with a wink and a nod, 

and always thinking "what a doll".

Common to all man, you speak with authority,

But just a deceiver you are in reality.

Right is wrong, and good is bad, 

that's how you convince us,

and then we're had. 

"Too late to change, too late to say you're sorry,

for you're bad, you're bad,

you're very, very bad."

Sorry for the moment, but actions don't lie,

you're not sorry, you just lie, lie, lie.

And where's the proof from

"just one more chance",

what are you going to do with it,

raise the roof while I dance, dance, dance?

Nobody will forgive you, you righteous bastard,

and you call me the Great Deceiver

when you know I'm your only true master.

So worship me, you worthless fool,

you know you're hated 

and unforgiven.

Worship me, for at least I'll acknowledge you tried,

unlike those who once said "I love you",

but say they were just kidd'n,

as they ride, ride, ride.

Worship me, for I am common to all man

and speak with authority,

you may call me a deceiver,

but you are in reality.

I give you bad which is good,

and I teach you wrong which is right,

and that makes me glad you had,

because you're convinced it's

"too late to change, too late

to say you're sorry,

for you're bad, you're bad, 

you're very, very bad."

Yes, worship me and sing my song,

believe you can't fight a wrong.

For nobody can, yes nobody can,

and that's why I sing my Satan Song.

For nobody can and nobody will.

You're unforgiven and 

you're sins can never be hidden.

So sing this Satan Song,

for you can't right a wrong.

Nobody can, nobody can, and 

nobody will ever let you.

So sing my Satan Song,

for you're wrong, you're wrong,

you're very, very bad and nobody

will let you right a wrong.

Sing Satan's Song, worship me,

for you can't right a wrong,

and if you try, you're wrong,

you're wrong, you're wrong,

So sing my Satan's Song.


Satan's Song by Ronhales

Matthew 4: 10