After School

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble

After School


Life is not easy,

Who said it was fair?

But why take a shortcut or show we don't care?

For that's the path of a fool,

And the reason the teacher is justified,

In keeping us after School!

Complainer's complain,

Disturbers disrupt,

The stubborn are boastful,

They're loud and abrupt,

And yet, they think they're cool!

So, is it any wonder, that when you look,

You'll find them after School?

A problem child, he,

A problem child, she,

Always one in the class,

Recognized to be!

Seldom using the right tool,

They find themselves in special education,

And staying late after School.

God disciplines those He loves.

Enduring hardships will end in blessings.

But it is for our own good,

That we don't break a single rule,

Otherwise we will find ourselves with the Teacher,

Being kept after School.

Jesus Christ is the Teacher;

He is our example:

He is our Master;

By Him are we taught.

If we do not listen, and are not corrected,

We will surely not die,

But like a wise man, and not a fool,

We should pay attention and learn from the experience,

When Jesus keeps us after School.


After School by Ronhales

Job 36: 22

The Voice

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble

After School


A string in the water

Not so noble or bold

But yet in time

A mighty fish it will hold

And to the wisp

Of cloud in the air

Not much there

But yet 'tis the foretelling

Of such a storm

No man can bare

And for the wave at sea

That comes near without being seen

Until from the bottom

It begins to build into

A majesty greater 

Than any king

These things are like

The voice of God that we hear

Some ears are opened

While others just

mock and jeer

For God has spoken through

Jesus Christ His loving Son

But soon will come

With a crushing blow

Which on one can out run

Recognize now who He is

And what He says is true

Or be surprised by those 

Who will die . . .

For they,

Will be you


The Voice by Ronhales

Isaiah 29: 15

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble


When I was young,

A blanket . . .

A hiding place on the floorboards . . .

And a sneak into the Drive-in Theatre,

Now THAT was a carfull of backseat trouble.

Then later,

A case of beer under the seat . . .

A hairdresser my mom knew . . .

And my best friend's girlfriend giggling up front,

THERE's a carfull of backseat trouble.

Then along came the baby

And with it came the in-laws,

And the dog or cat in the grocery bags,

And the mess with car-poolers.

All my life I've seen it and had it,

All my life I've lived it and known it,

I guess I'm just in for a carfull of backseat trouble.

At sixteen I was in a "heap of trouble",

At twenty "you have no direction",

At forty "your life is a mess",

And now "what a waste" is all I hear.

"Nothing" has seemed to be the 

only thing that works for me.

My debts came due, and no money,

My grandkids come to visit 

and no playground.

The car is new but I don't get to drive.

And how I long for those "backseat" times.

It couldn't be that something else was out there,

It couldn't be a different drag?

I'm still hiding and sneaking and dealing

with "over-my-shoulder" worries,

I'm still living a "carfull of backseat trouble life".

The backseat was the life I chose even though it came with a carfull of trouble.

I'm in a Carfull of Backseat Trouble Life,

I've got a Carfull of Backseat Trouble Blues.


Carfull Of Backseat Trouble by Ronhales

Psalm 138:8


What A Shame

Carfull Of Backseat Trouble


You give us hope, O Lord

To the dead, without You,

There is no hope.

To the living, without You,

There is no life, only death.

But with You, O Lord,

We have hope.

Upon Your feet

Cries the earnest,

Bearing Your salvation.

At Your feet forgiveness is given.

I bow down with tears

Upon Your feet.

Hope of Your mercy

Is my kiss.

May the living receive,

But the dead be outcasts.

Yes, O Lord Jesus,

You give life.

This is the hope that I have,

That You, Lord Jesus,

Forgive my sin,

And grant life to me forever more.

With You, O Lord, we have hope.


Hope by Ronhales

Galatians 5:5

What A Shame

What A Shame

What A Shame


A mirror that can not see.

Oh, what a shame.

It should show off you,

But from some points,

It's like into it, nothing came.

Oh, what a shame.

A book without a lifting cover.

Oh, what a shame.

It should provide to you

Life, joy, adventure.

But you can't even say its name.

Oh, what a shame.

A house that does not make a home,

Oh, what a shame.

The walls should echo

Laughs and music and feelings,

And you just thought they were the same,

Oh, what a shame.

And a heart without any love,

Oh, what a shame.

This is the worst tragedy

Of them all.

No love, just blame.

Oh, what a shame.

Finally, we watch You. 

If You don't exist, it's because

We go on without Christ.

We haven't read His Word,

Oh, what a shame

And haven't allowed Him

To build a home of love

In our heart.

A life that is lost, doomed,

Aiming to be destroyed,

When we only need to call His name,

Oh, what a shame.

Let Jesus lift this shame,

By calling out His name,

Otherwise you alone

Will face the blame.

Oh, what a shame.

That would mean eternal blame.

Oh, what a shame!


What A Shame by Ronhales

1 Corinthians 15: 34


What A Shame

What A Shame


What is the Beast of the Field?

Have you seen one?

Where is the King of Beasts?

Does it exist anymore,

Or just fictitious?

Into the darkness of evil we must go,

Then to you a beast I will show.

Look into the lake burning with liquid fire,

For this is where he will retire.

See that vile and wretched thing being destroyed?

It was once a Beast, Satan employed.

His place is eternally sanctioned by God,

A prisoner in this fiery bog.

But at one time,

This thing wielded much power,

For even he had its famous hour.

Raised from the sea

On a wave of magnificence,

He was worshipped by all,

In a falsehood of pretense.

A crowning that he could only justify,

(Because he said he did once die),

The world looked upon him

As their missing king,

Messiah, they called this thing.

He fooled and deceived in what appeared to be peace,

But when war began, it would never cease.

Murder, torment, and destroy was his battlecry,

Aimed at God, did his arrows fly.

With false miracles

Were his followers enticed,

For this was the foretold Anti-Christ.

Now look upon this Beast,

In torment despair,

No longer a Prince of the Air.

This Beast will suffer throughout eternity!

Be aligned with God, not he!

Jesus Christ is the Victor

And Giver of Life,

But know of this Beast,

For his time is ripe.

Follow Jesus and avoid tribulation,

Or suffer with this Beast

In agonizing desolation.


Beast by Ronhales

Revelation 19: 20


Time Is Lost

Time Is Lost

Time Is Lost


When time is lost

Have I missed the sun gathering

Leaves under the outstretched

Limbs of the summer tree?

Have I been blinded to the spray

Of the waterfall that imprisons

A thousands years of rainbows?

Have I failed life

When time is lost?

But time is never lost

For God holds it secure

Seeing all that was

And all that is to be

At the same time

In God

I have time eternal

And life for all time


Time Is Lost by Ronhales

Ecclesiastes 3: 11


Time Is Lost

Time Is Lost


Trails to the butte,

The circular steps taken by so many.

Where do they go?

They go to gold roofs of plenty.

In adorned rooms they gloat,

Haughty to all they see from the porch.

But each heart is unaware,

That their houses will burn as if set by a torch.

"At the top", they say they are,

"I have no other need", is their echoing cry.

But their voice is heard by God,

Who will punish those that were

Silent to the poor which die.

In majesty from God, is God,

And no man can go before Him

Who made them.

So travel your high placed trails,

But fallen you will be,

When before Christ you bow to Him.


Trails by Rohales

Psalm 49: 16-17


Time Is Lost

I Get By


In my house, which is a beautiful house,

I am given to move.

The choice is mine, of course,

But I follow at the Word of the Lord.

But in my going,

I can only take but only one thing.

So choose I am told,

From the wealth and treasures

I laboriously stored.

This task is mighty and a most

arduous and difficult decision to make.

For the Lord has blessed me tremendously,

And has provided me with a rich man's ransom.

But one earthly possession

Is all I am allowed to take.

So I must choose what it will be that I will carry

from this house,

The world would call a mansion.

From room to room I 

search out for this most valued treasure.

Will it be proof of my success

and luxury 

or a more simple item

that measures the heart?

I think of who I am

and how I became a man of such wealth.

And although it was I

that did the task,

it was God that brought me through

from the start.

The item must reflect what God,

through His Son, Jesus accomplished.

And because of His blood cleansing on me,

I stand as the best evidence

of His grace.

For without the blood of Jesus,

my faith would not have grown,

my hope would be lost.

But He gave love from

His Spirit

and taught me how to prepare

to finish life's great race.

Yes, this one thing must be an example

of what Jesus did for me.

My life is the witness 

of the testament of Jesus

and how He secured me

from evil's terror.

All my possessions will come to an end,

and must perish.

Therefore, in order to remind me

of what Jesus did for me,

from this place I take but a Mirror.

This simple trinket is all that I choose

as I vacate this place.

I know I have God's Word

in my heart and His Holy Spirit

living inside me.

So I freely move from my house

to be planted in a new field,

For Christ in me

will be the seed 

which will cause other's to grow

into what God wants them to be.


Mirror by Ronhales

Psalm 116: 6-8

I Get By

Enter His Kingdom

I Get By


Can my heart burst out

and run with the wind?

Exclaim God's fullness that can not be jailed!

When will I tear free of this worldly sin?

Should I be satisfied with saying,

"I get by!"?

When will my time come

to release this joy?

God's glory explodes 

from His Holy Word!

Do I not struggle with the Devil's ploy?

How is it right to just say,

"I get by!"?

May my mouth shout

the wonders of it all?

God's swiftness in judgement

sounds from His throne.

Is this the path I take so not to fall?

An easy excuse to say,

"I get by!".

Why wait to announce

the vict'ry in Christ?

The trumpet proclaims Messiah's return!

What is the result with sin so high priced?

Too late the cry when you say,

"I get by"!


I Get By by Ronhales

Revelation 3: 15-16

Dust To Grace

Enter His Kingdom

Enter His Kingdom


Dust to grace

How my heart perceives

With nothing taken

But all things received

Born from sorrow

While death purchased life

No joy can pardon

Like a blood sacrifice

Seek the unfolding

Grasp the unconquerable

Cast out your line

Catch the uncatchable

Dust to grace

Man's plight to victory

In God's creative hands

Take His offered sanctity


Dust To Grace by Ronhales

Ecclesiastes 3: 20

Enter His Kingdom

Enter His Kingdom

Enter His Kingdom


In red, in blue

The Son of Man stands true

In darkness to light

His grace shines ever so bright

He came to explain

And lives now

To ensure how

So learn His love

And find His peace

Enter His Kingdom

And life will never cease


Enter His Kingdom by Ronhales

Hebrews 12: 22-24


Black Tongue

Black Tongue

Black Tongue


The Black Tongue of Satan,

Longer in lies than any other.

No demon compares to its length,

No demon can climb to its height.

From the sanctuaries of Hell,

This Black Death is unsheathed,

Extending its cruelty and slander,

Stretching out for all to see.

Demons surround this dark sword,

Sprouting their own vile deeds.

But none dare challenge this Master of Deceit,

They can only bow and fall down before it,

For they are weak to its strength.

This Back Sword of Satan

Spreads lies as it devours all who opposes.

No one stands against it!

Nothing can destroy it!

The shadow cast from this Obelisk

Spreads across the earth.

Can nothing stop it?

Is there not a seed planted

That can rise up against it?

Who is able? Who is the Conqueror?

Who holds a Greater Word,

A Word of Truth?

Who possesses a double-edged sword

Capable of destroying

The Black Tongue of Satan?

If you know Him,

Call upon Him!

Then tell us His name!

Call upon His name!


Black Tongue by Ronhales

2Thessalonians 2: 8-10


Black Tongue

Black Tongue


Grip the air you lifeless smoke,

Climb to Heaven above.

Ride the wind, and straddle the trees,

Seek out the God of love.

What marks your path,

And shows the way?

Name Him if you can.

For nothing is as bold as He,

The God of air, sea, and land.

Travel to regions beyond,

Then settle in the swale.

The power you've sown,

Is weakened by a storm's mighty gale.

Linger if you will.

Linger if you can.

But just as life burns bright,

It ends as quick as you ran.

No more screams.

And no more fear.

Ending are the cries.

So to God we look,

And to God we trust,

For you were just

Smoke unto my eyes.


Smoke by Ronhales

Hosea 13: 3

Red Shadow

Black Tongue

The Being Of Eternity


Red Shadow drawing close on me,

Bearing down faster and faster.

Sweeping hands of the clock we see,

The prey hunted by the Tracker.

Deep of blood is the shadow filled,

Seeping up the life of each soul.

Poured in existence from ones killed,

Worlds conquered is Red Shadow's goal.

Tomorrow's gone when now we die,

And triumph halted from the curse.

But winning sure when seen the lie,

Know Red Shadow is Satan's hearse.

Traveling over everywhere,

Not a hill or cave will be missed.

Red Shadow brings death without care,

Brought by sword or by being kissed.

But ride on you carriage of blood,

Your wheels of doom cannot stop here.

A passage like a raising flood,

Your way is far, instead near.

Fear not the red flow approaching.

Fear not the shadow of death's hand.

For Red Shadow's soon encroaching,

Ends by God's cross upon the land.

In me stands the cross of Jesus,

His light casts Red Shadow away.

Blood must run from one so precious,

And Satan swallowed by the grave.

The tomb of Jesus took it all,

Filled by the rush of this world's sin.

Red Shadow into it did fall,

While God raised His Son from within.


Red Shadow by Ronhales

Luke 1: 78-79

The Being Of Eternity

Beautiful Vest Of Blue

The Being Of Eternity


Thank you Dear God

For being Holy

And being

The Being of Eternity

As great distances are

Seen through man's created means

You are not lost O God

You are realized even more

The universe discovered

Brings Your created works

Into our lives

Thank you God

For being God

Thank you for being

The Being of Eternity


The Being Of Eternity by Ronhales

Isaiah 40: 28

Beautiful Vest Of Blue

Beautiful Vest Of Blue

Beautiful Vest Of Blue


When scrambled waves on the flowing lake are made,

And while rocky shores are fitted to the forested shade,

And when a raceway of terraced paths are set upon the banks,

And the stumps are nestled like commandos dug-in with tanks,

And when high overhead the shimmering wings of southbound geese 

pay no attention to the low crawling beasts,

It is I, a simple traveler resting upon this lavished view,

Who recognizes God's presence that is embodied within

This beautiful vest of blue.

Shark head boulders on thunderbird cliffs

Mark the creation of this valley's bliss.

And springs that boil beside the snow melt dew

Refreshes me, and each one other,

That rests inside this adorned vest of blue.

An eagle's screech from the top of the naked snag,

Rushes my heart like the running doe and majestic stag,

But it is God above that I marvel and give my praise to,

For only He could bring together such a wondrous world

Within His beautiful vest of blue.

From skies on high to seas so clear below,

God has fashioned His work and wears them as His clothes,

I have seen You for Your glory, this dress what my eyes can view,

And across Your mighty shoulders drape

Your beautiful vest of blue.

O Lord, all the heavens rest uponYour loving heart,

Then over Your strong arm the seas reflect all creation's part.

You complete Your vested robe as caring hands draw it close,

Then once fitted, You embrace Your love in this special dress of clothes.

Thank you dear Lord God for all Your creation my eyes are given to view,

For it is from You I realize,

You wear what's dear to You

As a beautiful vest of blue.


Beautiful Vest Of Blue by Ronhales

Psalm 104: 1-3


Beautiful Vest Of Blue

Beautiful Vest Of Blue


Synchronized the sounds,

The birds of the air.

Synchronized the sounds,

The call of the wind everywhere.

Synchronized the view,

The mountains with the plains,

And synchronized the view,

The seasons to make harvest grains.

Order comes from order,

Understood by the wisest of wise,

And chaos can't synchronize this world

Within the deep and starry skies.

Synchronize the sound,

Waves upon the shore.

Synchronize the sound,

Jesus Christ knocking at the door.

Synchronize the view,

A soul before God's throne,

And synchronize the view,

You standing before God all alone.

With order is made a way,

A path from sin and shame.

Jesus orders chaos,

And synchronizes life

To avoid Hell's eternal flame.


Synchronized by Ronhales

Psalm 8: 3-4


Evan At That

A Song Captured

Evan At That


I read the Bible

But even at that

I fall into sin

Forgive me Lord

My desires drive me

Instead, let Your hands take me

Into the place You have

Chosen for me

Cause my desires to be toward You

Not for this world, this flesh

But to Your Spirit

Then, even at that

I may fall

But pick me up into Your hands

And drive me on O Lord


Even At That by Ronhales

Numbers 15: 39

On Display

A Song Captured

Evan At That


The trees of His creation,

They stand in their stately manner.

The tops aligned in a row,

Angled together toward His throne.

Clouds from a distance,

Then teaming together overhead.

Mountains brightly elegant,

Then dim in the twilight.

Grass, green, damp and cold surrounded,

Ponds, pools, creeks, and streams

Flowing to the seas and oceans.

He is here, The Lord exists in His crafts.

Molded, formed, trimmed, and detailed,

No tradesman compares to His wares on display.

May these gifts to us

Be a reminder always of the Artist.

He lives forever,

If only because of these Masterpieces.


On Display by Ronhales

Psalm 111: 2

A Song Captured

A Song Captured

Cat Of Nine Lives


A song captured in my head,

never to escape.

How can you figure such perfection?

Then it's gone, but echoes back!

Is it a spiritual reflection?

Tears shed as I recount 'Blessed Assurance',

And my heart's filled with joy for 'It Is Well'.

Can it be the voice of Jesus?

Is it His story I need to tell?

In seeking Jesus, is there a favorite song to sing?

What is it about Him that touches our heart's ear?

Is there a special string to pull?

Is there a spirit to make it clear?

Gone is the hope of Christ's eternal salvation.

Drowned out by the doldrums of today.

Will it ever return for me?

Only if I seek Him out,

And pray!


A Song Captured by Ronhales

Exodus 15: 2

Cat Of Nine Lives

Cat Of Nine Lives

Cat Of Nine Lives


The cat of nine lives sits and primps,

With purrs and meows it gets 

when it wimps.

Restful in a chair this cat sleeps.

Pretty much to itself though,

this cat keeps.

The cat of nine lives is confident and proud,

But is it a false security shroud?

Going where it please,

not a care to this world,

Under any bed,

this cat may be curled.

With nine lives, danger is just a game.

Chances is what made this cat's fame.

From rooftop and alley this cat roams,

But precaution and care,

not known as one of its homes.

Does a cat really have nine lives,

Or is it just part of its tricks and jives?

Does death pass over this crafty beast,

is that why life is a constant feast?

Don't each of us have this spirit,

Death is there

but we won't grip it?

Aren't we care-free about where we lie,

blowing out caution because we won't die?

We even say God may exist,

But surely He won't punish!

So today we play 

like a never-ending day,

Going and doing,

No matter the way.


Cat Of Nine Lives by Ronhales

Psalm 89: 48

In Him

Cat Of Nine Lives

This Lake


In purpose we seek a diligent end

But our path we choose is a 

Never-straightening bend

What is sought after should be easy

But jolting around winding curves

Just makes me queasy

In Jesus I find the straight and level

Something completely unheard of

By the Devil

Christ is the beginning to a glorified end

And in Him

An eternity of wealth we will spend


In Him by Ronhales

Isaiah 40: 4-5

This Lake

Cat Of Nine Lives

This Lake


Mansions on a hill across this lake I see,

Many roofs and many windows

Settled in among the trees.

The glistening blue

And the lazy breeze drift by,

While the reflected calm sleeps and the Bald Eagle rides on high.

The world is shut out

When I'm framed in this beauty,

All greatness lapses into a vine of

The flowing ivy.

Distant sounds are muffled

By the bird's sweet cry,

But the deer are silent in the 

Overgrown brush where they lie.

Is this solitude put here only for me,

Or are others welcome

Like the incoming waves of the sea?

To the Creator I ask the question why?

And the answer is found in His Son

Who on the cross did die.

No less than all His love for eternity,

For it's Christ Jesus

In His Glorious Nature

That I see.


This Lake by Ronhales

Hebrews 13: 20-21


By His Cross's Limb

By His Cross's Limb

By His Cross's Limb


Strips on my walls and ribbons on my ceilings.

Reflections in my doors and wanderings in my feelings.

Where have I come from and is that how I'm here?

The windows are covered but before me is near.

Reach into the open and take only what you have.

Exit to the corner then give out to those that grab.

Hang a broken tree from the secrets of my room.

Call a Bride to suffer in salvation of her Groom.

My heart was lost to death in tomb's unfolding power,

Far trenched in evil's curse now arose God's greatest hour.

Jesus brought The Word a message plainly read,

His blood the drink and His body's in the bread.

From everyplace to everywhere

My look I glean from Him,

There is no other view

But by His cross's limb.

He's never forsaken

Toward eternal life behold,

This glory of God

Unto Jesus Christ unfold.


By His Cross's Limb by Ronhales

Hebrews 12:2


By His Cross's Limb

By His Cross's Limb


A wall of fire flows from the falls.

Over it tumbles

Into a pool of scorching heat.

Once quiet and still,

A mouth now vomits its call.

A tide rushing forward

To take hate and lies

From a formidable cheat.

Dormant some say it lay, even extinct,

But startled to all's alarm

It lashes out its fate.

Resting in beauty,

A calm so distinct,

Then in true nature,

Opened to a rushing storms'

Flood gate.

Nothing can stand,

Everything is burned.

All is consumed.

Ash left from the wave.

The pool uncontained.

In judgement concerned.

While its fingers reach into

The hidden places of a cave.

No plea is heard.

All is lost.

Changed forever.

Never to return the same.

This is the price.

This is the cost.

When from the Book of Life,

Blotted out is your name.


Fire by Ronhales

Psalm 9: 5


By His Cross's Limb



What is it about a song that makes our heart beat?

What is it about a tune that makes us tap our feet?

What is it in the lyrics that cause us to weep?

And what is it in the singing that makes us complete?

Does a baseball game make us feel the same as a song?

Even football can't thrill us that much, or am I wrong?

And darts, don't compare to even banging a gong!

But yet, there's something special about singing a song!

We sing while driving our car with the radio on,

We sing in the shower 'til the hot water is gone,

We sing at Albertson's while looking for a coupon,

And we sing 'Rocketman' along with Elton John.

You don't suppose it's due to something the Bible said?

It had to do with making a joyful noise, I read.

Or was it because God wants thanks for our daily bread?

Or are we just preparing as the Bride, He will wed?

The Spirit of God is in all of us, I believe.

Songs and praises from us is what God wants to receive.

So be it, unless we allow Satan to deceive,

But turn from sin, sing praises of song, or else we'll grieve.

Praises to Christ the King is why we are meant to sing,

Soon every voice in Heaven and Earth to Him will ring,

Then we will know why we have been practicing,

For Jesus, a new song to sing, at His appearing.

Hallelujah we sing!, and lift praises to the King,

Soon every voice in Heaven and Earth to Him will ring,

Then we will know why we have been practicing,

We have seen Jesus Christ the King, and that is why we sing!

We have seen Jesus Christ the King!!


Practicing by Ronhales

Psalm 47: 6


Skeletal Eyes



What do the Robins say?

What is it the Owl hears?

Can the Carp see when it jumps out of the water?

Questions, will we ever know?

What are the high yields tomorrow?

What's the weather like?

How can I look like that?

Questions, what are the answers?

Will tomorrow come?

Won't tomorrow ever get here?

Can I get by 'til tomorrow?

Questions, why so many questions?

Who is God?

What is the name of His Son?

What happens when I die?

Do I really have a soul?

Why do I feel guilt and shame?

What is sin?

Does Satan exist?

How can I live like this?

Questions, why don't they go away?

Questions, what are the answers?

Is Jesus Christ God's Son?

Did He die for me?

Did Jesus raise up from the grave?

Are His promises true?

Questions are seeking, and in seeking the truth, you will find the truth!

Is the Bible the Word of God?

God can't lie can He?

Then Jesus really is alive isn't He?

Am I a sinner doomed to destruction?

Then there must be a Hell, right?

Questions, how did I miss this before?

Why didn't someone tell me earlier?

Who is worthy other than Jesus Christ?

When will He return?

Will I be ready?

Question, when will you turn to Jesus?


Questions by Ronhales

Luke 21: 15

Skeletal Eyes

Skeletal Eyes

Skeletal Eyes


The skeletal eyes of the abandoned church

Haunts my soul

The half-opened doors that will never move

Haunts my soul

The windows that once saw music from the sun

Are vacant and blind

Rafters that received praise in upstretched arms

Are limp, resting on their sides

And the ceiling whose ears were filled with fellowshipping words

Fall deaf on the floor

My soul is haunted

Not just from this scene of the past

But haunted as to a scene of the future

The Constantine wire ensures no re-birth

Where is the Spirit?

Where has it gone?

My soul is haunted at this site


Skeletal Eyes by Ronhales

James 2: 26


Skeletal Eyes

Skeletal Eyes


He is seen often, but rarely recognized,

The mask he wears covers him from our eyes.

Deceptive and cunning,

he leads us astray,

His purpose for us, 

The Lord to betray.

Before us he stands 

Wearing a different mask,

Each one he shows

Draws us to his task.

Pull the mask off Satan

And see his true face,

The Serpent of Evil,

Hell his place.

Turn to Jesus,

He's the one without a mask,

Truth He answers

If only we ask.

The enemy before us,

But rarely seen,

Must be revealed,

And made to come clean.

Don't be fooled into believing a lie,

Masks of Satan will cause us to die.

Masks of Satan will cause us to die!


Masks by Ronhales

2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4


All We'll Get

I Want To Be A Christian

All We'll Get


Days of joy

Days of conflict

Theses are the days

Of this earth

It cannot always be gifts

It cannot always be candies

But it must always be

Taken for what it is worth

Take these days

And take these years

And make your life

The best it can be

This is all we'll get

Before we're gone

So get to gettin' Jesus

And live for etrnity


All We'll Get by RonHales

Philemon 6

Days Begone

I Want To Be A Christian

All We'll Get


Days begone

Days today

And days tomorrow

They are only time in motion

But the new beginning

Of God in me

Creates glory of life

In everyday


Days Begone by Ronhales

Psalm 2: 7

I Want To Be A Christian

I Want To Be A Christian

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking


I want to be a Christian

To walk to the lions as they had done

To see glory harvested in Christ the Son

I want to be a Christian

And not stumble when I see death

But to take up life

With an eternal breath

I want to be a Christian

Speaking on behalf of God's great voice

Telling every ear that can hear

To make Jesus Christ their choice

I want to be a Christian

Not in name only

Where darkness lurks

But from the acts of

The Spirit's mighty works

For this is what a Christian is

I want to be a Christian

And share the wine offered by the Lord

And to welcome peace 

In laying down the sword

I want to be a Christian

Even though precaution is at hand

For those that believe

Will inherit the land

I want to be a Christian

Where each step is taken on solid ground

While the waves of turmoil are walls all around

I want to be a Christian

With love for a brother

That my heart will have

As his hand's on a spear

Into my side does jab

For this is who Jesus is

And I want to be like Him


I Want To Be A Christian by Ronhales

Matthew 21: 6

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking


Inscriptions on the wall and paintings reaching up so tall.

Drawings in the rocks and ancient words from our talk.

Don't we get it yet?

Out of basins and valleys,

From plateaus and alleys,

From the highest peak to the lowly and meek,

One language can't say it all,

It's more than every book in every library hall.

The mysteries of a comet's thrust,

The gift of someone's trust.

The power in an earth-bound hand,

The miracle in a grain of sand.

How can it be grasped, how can it all be known?

To God our created mind strives,

Beyond the universe we seek others who thrive,

Into our death we wonder,

What comes of a life we blunder?

But yet we still don't get it.

Travel east to come from the west,

And look to stone for our best.

When will we get it?

When will we realize our darkest way

Is already lit?

We have what we seek,

We're provided all answers,

There is nothing lost,

For all mysteries are granted understanding.

Get it?

Have you gained faith 

To know all to be known?

The Word of God answers

More than man's total volume of communication.

In Christ all things are made known.

Through the Holy Spirit,

Unknown is revealed.

Is that plain speaking enough?

Jesus Christ is the only answer.

Still don't get it?

Seek Jesus out through the Word of God.

Now get it!

God is plain speaking in unfolding

All answers to all questions.

Communicate with God through

Jesus Christ,

And hear the answer to what is sought.

Now that is plain speaking!


Inscriptions And Plain Speaking by Ronhales

Zechariah 3: 9

Loyalty Of A Shadow

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking

Loyalty Of A Shadow


Reaching out and drawing near

Always committed, always dear

Never separated, never detached

Clinging on forever, perfectly matched

A common object of life taken so casual,

But can't we learn from the loyalty of a shadow?

The shadow is created from the light

Dependant solely on its strength and might

And even in darkness it won't betray

Ever present, but on a slight delay

Unable to chose its place,

The shadow serves under grace.

Can we be as loyal to Jesus

As our shadow is to us?

For He is the light,

And has overcome darkness 

So that we may live and share His inheritance.

Fall at His feet in outstretched


Give all we have in this one dimension

Then Jesus Christ will

Bless the loyalty

learned from the shadow

As He takes us into

The peace and kingdom

Of His meadow

Loyalty Of The Shadow by Ronhales

Isaiah 14: 27

Vacation Haze

Inscriptions And Plain Speaking

Loyalty Of A Shadow


Reflection glaze and vacation haze,

Together will lasting peace be found?

Like a river that kneels

To give an Eagle's meal,

Does continuous glory of life abound?

No honor to a fallen tree,

Shrouded in red and gray,

But to the forested green is held,

A respect throughout every day.

Can we enjoy our place of given rest,

Is it a gift from the One above?

Have we accepted ourselves

Within His worthy plan,

An awesome will of an awesome love?

Glorious days and vacation haze,

Passing times for memories of the heart.

Separate to life's way we may find some paths,

But unto God's way we must never depart.


Vacation Haze by Ronhales

Romans 1: 18-20