Y O U R   S P E E C H




Our words cannot be caged. Once spoken, they are free.

They travel their chosen path.

Some carry hidden daggers, drawn as they travel,

And the tip seeking a target to stab, and wound.

Others blast like cannons, destroying everything in their path.

Some are as spies, deceiving, treacherous,

Owning nothing, having no home or country,

Roaming only to befriend, for the ultimate course of destruction.

Yet others crawl slowly, unyielding, unstoppable.

Ants on a mission, crawling, gouging,

Chipping away at a found prize,

Joining together to feast on a host unaware.


Words are created and held,

Then unrolled as a scroll,

Stormed out like bats from a cave,

Unleashed wild horses,

Or pulled away as refuse from a boat.

But when released with understanding and care,

Words are delicate snow flakes that form sculptures of unsurpassed beauty.

Add love, and delicious desserts are served on a Kingís table.

And when presented by the Holy Spirit of God,

Words become gem stones presented as gifts on a golden tray.


Let God form your words by being in your heart,

Your every thought,

Then your tongue becomes spiced cream

Over an offering of cut fruit,

And your speech rewarded by blessings of smile and laughter,

And Godís pleasure.

Praise Him with your every word.

Praise Him!



Your Speech by Ronhales                                                                                                                                          Psalm 145:10-12

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