Your   Drink

I wake, enjoying the coolness of the morning

Which earlier had brought rain down.

Sounds of the leaves were heard,

As they reached out their gloves and captured each drop,

Like a baseball player would stretch up to prevent

The fly ball from landing over the fence.


The dryness of the air was given drink,

And every thirst was quenched.

O how my soul yearns for the peace of what God supplies.

I donít ask for it, but because He loves me, He gives.

The trees canít pray,

Yet, they sing with rejoicing

For what God delivers to them.


Thank you for Your breath dear God.

Thank you for Your drink which You provide.

Thank you for my desire to stretch out

And receive Your drink of eternal quenching of my soul.


Fill me.

Refresh me.

Nourish me.


Thank you Dear God for Your drink.



 Your Drink by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                       Psalm 104:13

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