W O R R I E S 



I worry about disaster.  I don't want to be attached.

What are the effects after, if from my job I get sacked?

The stock marketís not my thing,

And my bank account is drained.

With the few bucks I get, I feel no bang,

And my dollar is too often strained.

I work hard for success.  My ambition leads the way.

But so far I have failed, and Iím broke at the end of the day.

I think more money for me is the key. 

Thatís the problem solver.

Itís sure to bring happiness and glee,

If I let my bank account become my lover.

Iíll work several jobs if I must, storing up every penny I make.

But to keep up my wanting image, all my credit cards Iíll need to stake.

This is how Iíll go through life,

Then someday Iíll be rich.

Who knows if Iíll find a wife,

But thatís just a minor little glitch.

But that nagging worry still lingers.  I wonder if I can be the conqueror?

For what happens if the worldís way fails, and all I am is a liar and slanderer?

I donít want to be destroyed,

I know I canít withstand an attack.

So do you think God would be annoyed,

If unto Him I bring the worries Iíve stacked?

God, this is awful! What am I suppose to do?

The world is here before me, and like others, Iím sure I can make it too.

But yet why hasnít it happened?

Why isnít the money piling up?

The world is going rampant,

But whereís itís overflowing cup?

Faith is believing things unseen, so perhaps itís faith I must seek.

For in the things of the world I see, there is no future, no hope.

I find itís pretty bleak.

So Iíll try this thing called faith,

Putting off the way of the world.

Iíll turn my heart to praise,

And build my treasure behind those gates so greatly pearled.

My heart is healed, no longer hardened.

From that, my past is pardoned.

Attacks and worries are now God protected!

My trust for that, is Faith in Him.

The choice Iíve made has been selected,

And my treasure chest, Heís filling beyond the brim.



Worries by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                          Mark 8:36

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