A cry of anguish beats against my heart

Fallen in desperate despair

From above the desert I dive to the sea

Look to who can compare?


In depths of snow across a mighty plain

My steps in the vastness fade

And to the rains which cause the springs to flood

Gone am I in waters they made


There is no lasting, for we all must die

Is it to death we must side?

But by the Word of God weíre created

And then saved as His Sonís Bride


How can this be when I do not ask it?

My arrogant side seeks not!

Yet you say Iím saved by Godís only Son?

My life gained by what He fought?


Will I find that which I do not search for?

Reaching out only when in need?

Life can not go on in such misery,

Godís message I must heed!


Lift me from this despair, which now I fall

And in Godís Sonís name

Save me!

Plant me on dry and solid ground, I pray

And then, You my God will be.


Will I Find? by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                               Psalm 5:2

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