The Tomb, where is the Tomb?

So many caves, so many holes in the hills,

But where is His Tomb?

Everywhere I look, seems to lead to a stone,

And every stone rolled, exposes a grave.

Were all hills created for so many tombs?

Why do these mountains posses so many caves,

If not for holding the dead?

Uncountable and unsearchable.

There are too many.

Where is His Tomb?


My friend.  I have been watching you.

Why do you search?  How do you seek?

You can not find for the living when it is the dead you search.

And you can not find He who is alive

If you only search behind a rock for the dead.

Jesus, who you seek, is not here.  He has risen!

Stop wasting your time.

Stop exerting your strength, and listen to your heart.

Seek and you will find Him.

But seek Him with your own living heart

And you will find the Living Christ.


So many hills, so many stones, so many tombs.

I have searched my life to find nothing but death.

I seek life, not death.

Forgive me Lord.

Open my eyes to Your life, and save mine.

The Tomb? 

The Tomb is empty, and my heart is filled.


Thank you Jesus, for being the Living Lord.


Where Is The Tomb? by Ronhales                                                                                                              Matthew 28:6

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