Where is the prayer? 

My life is in turmoil, but nobody cares.

Hardknocks and bad times, is that all I have to look towards?

Where are the altars?  The benches?  The words that went to the Lord?


Donít pass me by.

Donít cast me out for an occasional lie.

Cheatings and frauds possessed my life in my weaknesses,

But I was told I was being prayed for, for my uniquenesses.


Where is the prayer?

My life is in shambles and doesnít anyone care?

Where are the faithful? 

Those trusting souls that said they cared for me?

Where did they go?  Theyíre nowhere to be found.

Where could they be?


Iím falling to death.

Whereís the support that would pray with each breath?

Churches are empty

And friends are gone from everywhere I look.

I just laughed and scoffed when told the Rapture

Was foretold in Godís Book.


O God, Whereís the prayer?


Where Is The Prayer by Ronhales                                                                                                                    Acts 8:22-24

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