Concrete walls and window shades,

Shopping malls and milkshakes,

Destiny falls and others make cellphone calls,

Where are we all going?


Average man and a rich woman,

Each exclaiming a life that’s broken,

And each with a heart that seeks just a small token,

Where are we all going?


Narrow alleys with steel-cased towers,

Painting galleries showing jewel-encrusted showers,

Life’s mockeries without any powers,

When it ends where do we go?


Paths taken will end, but when?

Roads driven stop somehow, can we predict that the time is now?

And all journeys cease, but will there ever be peace?

Where are we all going, and what will we see?

An end hurries towards us, a life so precious,

But in it who cleans up all our mess?


When it comes to an end,

Christ Jesus satisfied when His death became life again, 

And through Him,

Eternally living with Him,

If we love Him,

He awaits us all.

So in the alleys or in the corridors,

From the valleys to the outer cosmos,

Where we are going,

If we love Him,

We’re going to be with Jesus.



Where Are We Going? by Ronhales                                                                                      Read:          John 14:3

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