W H A T   K I N G S 



What Kings we see from here

Their glory shining so bright

With skies open and clear

To display their

Awesome might


Rulers and Royalty

Dressed in their finest do wait

As we watch their entry

From above this western gate


This day has been prepared

Since Heaven was created

And glory will be shared

With those most dedicated


Kings of every nation

Will come before the Most High

Bowing down to God’s Son

“I surrender” as their cry


What Kings we see from here

Asking Jesus to save them

Brought to a place so dear

City of Jerusalem


What Kings we see from here

Atop this lofty gem

As they enter far and near

City of Jerusalem


O City O City

Glory from this gate I see

Jerusalem O City

What Kings have glorified thee


What Kings by Ronhales                                                                                                                                              Isaiah 60:3; Jeremiah 22:4

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