What is love?

Does it depend on itself?  Does love only respond to love?

In its natural state does it flourish?

And does love encroach, taking what it doesnít have?

What is love?

Can love only be known from its own experience?

Or can love only be experienced from what it knows?

Leaving all else and clinging to one, is acting out love,

But does it express love?

Putting aside self and letting go of pride, is a feeling of indifference

But is that love?

What is love?

The act of love is demonstrated, so how can it be spoken?

Does speaking the words of love mean more than that not spoken?

Color that occurs when clouds mingle with sun light

Paints the sky with scenes never again to repeat,

Yet, the darkness is as great a beauty.

Which is greater love shown from above?

Measure love, weigh it out, does it equal expectations?

Define love, write it out, but canít more words be found?

What is love?

If love is only measured love, is that then all of love?

Refine love, call it pure love, produce perfect love,

Is it measured to its fullest?

Is there no room to add to perfect, refined, complete measured love?

What is love?

Pour it out, begin again.

Over and over perfect the measure of love that seems perfect,

And yet doesnít it still just remain love?

Measured love, what is it?  What is love?

Can love unspoken except by our feelings, our heart, our thoughts, our mind,

Still be love?  Is unmeasured love still love?

If grasped is it unchangeable?

If held can it be bartered?

If controlled is it maintained?

What is the answer?  The answer is: let none of us measure love.

We canít contain it.

Donít ask then anything of it,

And donít ask what it is.

Know it, believe it, feel it, live it, and experience it.

What is love?  Just that:  knowing it, believing it, feeling it, living it, and experiencing it.

Thatís what love is.


  What Is Love? by Ronhales                                                                                           Read:          1 John 3:16

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