In a day that has no relief,

What about His care?

Knowing only today to be destined so brief,

Where is hope to share?


Who lifts the rose from the flame,

Unwilted to the beauty’s brim?

‘tis undaunted hands the world to tame,

No other gift but unto Him.


What about His care,

An everlasting thought?

Not a soul to spare,

Life and death He bought!


What about His care,

A stem not bent,

An untouched life to bare,

Or His imperishable life was rent?


Solemn and sworn a trust He gave,

The promise within His Word.

For without, He stepped from open grave,

And unto His bosom we’re all assured.


What about His care?

Eternity framed.

For no other knows or dare,

Such a finished love unshamed.



What About His Care? by Ronhales                                                                                                                                    Acts 13:34

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