A mirror that can not see.

                    Oh, what a shame.

                        It should show off you,

                        But from some points,

                        Itís like into it, nothing came.

                    Oh, what a shame.


A book without a lifted cover.

Oh, what a shame.

It should provide to you

Life, joy, adventure.

But you canít even say its name.

Oh, what a shame.


                    A house that does not

                    make a home.

                    Oh, what a shame.

                        The walls should echo

                        Laughs and music and feelings.

                        And you just thought they

                        Were the same.

                    Oh, what a shame.


And a heart without any love.

Oh, what a shame.

This is the worst tragedy

Of them all.

No love, just blame.

Oh, what a shame.



                        Finally, we watch you                                                                        If you donít exist, itís because

                        Go on without Christ.                                                                        You havenít read His Word,

                   Oh, what a shame.                                                      And havenít allowed Him

                        A life that is lost, doomed,                                                                 To build a home of love in your heart.

                        Aiming to be destroyed,                                                                     Let Jesus lift this shame,

                        When you only need                                                                          By calling out His name.

                        To call His name.                                                                              Otherwise you alone will face the blame.

                   Oh, what a shame.                                                      And that would mean eternal shame.



Oh, what a shame!


What A Shame by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               1 Corinthians 15:34

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