What a night! Oh, what a night!

The ravens came, the demons craved

My flesh was carried away.

The darkness grew, my fears succumbed,

The life in me felt betrayed.

My soul screamed out when a spirit in me took flight,

And the morning never came away from the night.


This night,

When a spirit took flight,

The day was gone, and a glorious day it had been,

But rest was far and sleep but just a dream

As night, tonight would be my judge.

No value and no worth,

A crest that would never hang,

Traditions for not,

When the world’s schemes became like a runner gone lame.


Nothing could be done, “Nothing” was the host,

No control and no rescue, to a fate in a night with a ghost.

“Enter in and wonder much.  You’ve come to a place well known.”

“Weary and helpless, your cries unheard, when mixed with all the anguished groans.”

“By free will given your journey now ends, as such was your choice.”

“Oh, what a night, what a night, what a night, you will have.”

“For in this night a spirit takes flight, and the vanquished is taken in power and might.”



  What A Night by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         Read:          Amos 9:1

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