I know that abiding with God and being in His presence,

By my spirit being coupled to His Holy Spirit,

Is the true reason I came to this place.


Even as a flock of geese fly across the sunset

Sounding their departure for a well-planned trip south,

And as ducks break through the crisp air like a fast moving breeze,

And the yipping of coyotes ring alarm to their pursuit,

I know I am here to walk and fellowship in the Spirit of the Lord.


From the seemingly never-ending forest to the flat lands of sage brush,

From the mighty hills afar to the vast mountains above,

From the river below the rugged cliffs to the untouchable stars in the sky,

All is well as I walk and fellowship in the Spirit of the Lord.


My spirit groans no more,

My heart floods over with love,

Joy and peace are my guards,

As I walk and fellowship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Yes, all is well.

The assignment is given, my duty is clear, my strength assured.

And as I go out from here,

I have gained the confidence and the hope

That wherever I may be and wherever I may go,

I know that I will never leave or depart from

Walking and fellowshipping in the Spirit of the Lord.



  Walking And Fellowshipping In The Spirit Of The Lord by Ronhales                                                                                    1 John 1:7

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