W A K E    U P




Wake up the dead and look to the sky,

The King has left His throne

And is coming with His armies from on high.

Leave everything and donít look back,

The dead are coming alive

And we wonít be given anytime to pack.

Calling to His saints from upon His Godly steed,

The King is on His way

And will claim those chosen unto His creed.

The Word is announced and the victory won,

Christ Jesus will be the Judge before all,

After all is done.


Prepare yourself, for the trumpet call is given,

Eternity is straight ahead

And all life and death are now living.

To those He knows, Jesus will say enter,

Greet Him now, or later be left out

As a forgotten sinner.

So wake up you dead and all sinners,

Jesus died and arose, giving life to all

As new beginners.

Open your heart to Him before it is too late,

If you wait,

It will be your eternal lifeís mistake.

Wake up!



Wake Up by Ronhales                                                                                                                                 2 Timothy 4:1-5

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