In the unseen wonders of the blowing wind, miracles occur.

For the wind brings rain by which we are nourished,

It gives us light and grinds our grain by great arms that turn,

And in days of old, ships were moved by the capture of its might.

Oh, how many miracles occur in the blowing wind!

Donít you wonder about it?

The stories must be plenty that its passing breath has heard.

The lives touched then changed as they walk within its path.

And the feel of its grasp upon the agelessness of time,

How many hearts of man has it seen?  Donít you wonder?


What does it know?  Where has it been?

Where do you go Mighty Wind, and what will you show me when you return?

Are you of a mind, or are you just the air expelled from on-going lives?

Your miracles are many as I survey your comings and goings.

They are seen even though your hand which moves about is unseen.

Oh, what a wonder, the unseen appearing in its works.

Are you the Unseen Wonder?


By you the trees move and so also the dust of the earth.

You open your hand and birds rest on it, as if floating.

And the wheat ready for harvest, sways in unison like a wave going to shore.

So unseen, but yet so evident.

Are you the Unseen Wonder?


We believe in you, Mighty Wind, yet why donít we believe in God?

In all of His glory, which is so evident around us, we disclaim Him.

He is above all things, but we say He does not exist.

You, Mighty Wind, is His creation!

The universe is by His craftsmanship!


Believe in God, He is the true Unseen Wonder.  He is God!

Though He is unseen, because He is spirit, His wonders surround us.

God Almighty is the creator of all other unseen wonders, He is the miracle.

Believe in God and find the truth to wondering.

All things exist because of Him.


  Unseen Wonder by Ronhales                                                                                                                                              1 Timothy 1:17

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