I love sitting under the Juniper, the sent is so unique

And I get to watch the sunset, from this angle of high oblique.

The wood stacked quite neatly beside of me, I think its Lodgepole Pine

          But the Ponderosa is here, and the evening light makes it shine.

Yet, the sagebrush has a smell all its own, with flowers rarely seen

          Perhaps Iíll notice a rabbit, however, my eye must be keen.


But this peaceful scene is quickly disturbed when thunderstorms bring rain.

Could there be a system in place

That takes what looks bad and gives gain?


Is the beauty that we see all our own?, or is it just a gift?

          Is the rain actually given, or just an atmospheric shift?

How will these things be settled within me? 

Can there be a God from above that cares for and loves even me?


From what I hear myself telling my heart, there's more to life than this.

What was that Ďol Sunday School song

About Jesus and what Iíll miss?


All this before me canít be just by chance, God has to be alive!

          And that means Jesus is His Son, who takes my place when I will die.

Have I got this right, or am I mixed up?  Jesus will know my heart!

          Jesus, be my Lord and save me.  Donít keep Your love and me apart!


Thank you Lord

For being the God You are!

Jesus is my Savior!


And now I know why this treeís here,

For itís done me a great favor.



Under the Juniper by Ronhales                                                                                                                                           Colossians 3:15

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