T W O   C H A I R S



Two empty chairs sitting at an empty table,

Staring into emptiness.

Pulled away, separated,

They are a picture of simplicity ordained only

With remembrance.


Two chairs.

So beautiful at one time, so loving, so cared for,

So needed.

“Come back to me”, they cry.

“Fellowship with me”, their request.

“I am incomplete without your filling.”


Like two chairs set perfectly in place,

Waiting to be joined together in usefulness so the abounding

Beauty of the glorious view and loving fellowship can be enjoyed,

Is the place the Lord has set before me.

His bounty is waiting to be served.

His fellowship standing alert.

His love ready.

But like my heart, empty it will remain until I sit down with Him.


Fill these empty chairs and enjoy their fullness.

Come into the place-setting of the Lord.

He is waiting for you.

And when you do,

The two will fellowship together making complete His preparedness.



See the two chairs?  They wait.

Invite Jesus into your heart and enjoy the fullness of His love.

No more empty chairs when they are used.

No more emptiness when Christ Jesus is invited in.


My heart becomes full in the fellowship of the Lord.



Two Chairs by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   1 Thessalonians 5:9-10

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