A frog in the clouds

As seen from his view;                          But the boy sees

                                                                                    Only a rock covered in dew.

Tracks of a Princess

As she walked in the snow;                               But to the boy

                                                                                     It was just fog, the wind did blow..

A great ship managing the

Mighty waves?                                     No, just the funny way

                                                                                    A shadow behaves.

And the Angels that guided

Us through the storm?                                       Nothing more than the way

                                                                                    The clouds were formed!


Common things described in common ways;

Nothing special about these tumultuous days.


Godís book describes the picture of tomorrow,

Canít you see it is sin that brings all this sorrow?


Faith in Jesus opens our eyes to things unseen,

And in His dying, the shed blood makes our lives clean.


Itís okay if you donít see things through my eyes,

But you must see Jesus or all you have, or hope for, dies!


Common things described in common ways?

Nothing special about these tumultuous days?

Common sense wants us to seek the facts,

So look, and ensure youíre following the right tracks.


Jesus Christ prepares our way to His certain path,

And in following Him, weíll avoid Godís terrible wrath.


So, take His simple truth described these simple ways,

And youíll be sure to overcome all

These tumultuous days.



Tumultuous Days by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         Mark 4:12

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