T R U E    R I C H E SShaven branches and woven grasses,

In what can man not do?

Conquered skies and captured seas,

To painting the heavens blue?

No longer sick, no longer poor,

What a grand life we live.

Spreading our name and filling our pockets,

While saying “There’s just no more to give.”

So let us build our tower,

Let us praise ourselves,

Let us glorify each other,

With the ringing of our earthly bells.

Do not hesitate, do not wait,

The common man reigns,

For all things he has gained.

Yes, all things he has gained.

All things have been gained.


But in fallacy’s path, comes along the truth:

‘Mankind will die and all things do end;

Nothing today will be the same tomorrow.

For what was built will fall, and what was grown will rot;

Green turns to dust and all the trees will burn.

The cliffs will draw blood and the seas will boil;

Mountains will be covered,

Unseen and untouched by light,

And every living thing will hide.’


God is God

And He cannot be turned away.

Grasp His Son,

For only He is without decay.

Jesus Christ is Lord, King and Judge.

At life’s end we will find His promises have not budged.

Truth is His name, and Faithful, Everlasting,

Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Jesus has conquered death and established a Heavenly Kingdom

Where triumph blows and freedom rings.

So let go of earthly things,

The death in all of us,

And find true riches in God’s Son, Christ Jesus.

Yes, gain true riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

True riches come only by knowing Christ Jesus.


True Riches by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                       Luke 16:13

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