Who writes of who You are?

For who can say what You bore?

We pause from this journey to shop in the store,

But who carries even one of Your scars?



Who can speak of the walk You took?

Bound and tortured without a word.

Carried falsely to trial, where nothing of You was heard.

Who can portray Your suffering through a book?



We journey home in safety,

Your every step lead to death.

Will we linger on what it meant for Your last breath?

Or in surveying our gifts, we’ll be hasty?



How do we hold such a trip?

Will it fade from our memory?

Not if we remember Jesus Christ’s glory!

And that’s done each time a cup we sip.



So drink in this pilgrimage,

This journey beyond compare

‘twas by the gift of Jesus that we were there.

We will always be together within His heritage.


This can be our story,

For our soul is well with Jesus.

And this can be our song;

But the rest of this story

Is up to us.


  Together by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                         Psalm 22:27

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