T O D A Y    C O M E S




An ache in my side that hands cannot reach, a symptom of my dying life,

And with a heart bleeding and eyes that no longer see,

Whose hand came with the killing knife?

Spent were the days, that went in great haste, agonizing toward now,

They were nothing, came and gone, spent,

No more will be allowed.


If only to falling knees, then I’d find solace, peace, a final breath.

But such a journey is too far,

No preparation could take me to such a comfort of duress.

And I turn and remember Him with unseeing thoughts, which vaguely remain,

While my ears still hear the promise given, that today will usher me

Into His Heavenly domain.


With a hope that never fades, I feel my flesh repulse from the grip of His word.

“Break free”, is my spirit’s call, as torn from body my soul leaps

Like many calls from the soaring bird.

Flesh gone, my body abandoned in a lifeless heap of sin-laced betrayal,

But His Word holds me attached as true, faithful, and unconditional.


The hands that hung me for a crime which I committed in this world,

Now bury an image that until another day,

Will be long cast and hurled.

Then Today comes with a newness of spirit and soul,

For Today was the promise of God’s Son,

Then in part,

Now received in whole.



Today Comes by Ronhales                                                                                                                                         Hebrews 4:7-10

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