From a web tightly twined, moves the strength of oceans wave.

Finely she knots her mist, a grip she closes ‘round.

It can’t be but sight not seen, that breaks this darkened cave.

And through her shattered pane,

A glimpse of silver mound.


“Roll on you monstering flow, your boundaries are unknown”,

But to a prey, a toll is paid against this rising scourge.

Now up against the rock she climbs, in effort and a groan,

For enemies of wind and wave,

Tear upon her as they merge.


Her strength takes wings of flight, and drifts along the shore,

While a spear of warmth from morning’s breath,

Pierces her crafty veil.

Opened to her broken web, and seen forever more,

Are signs of mightier hands

As they send their westward gale.


O God, Thy Living Art I’ve seen on this passing day,

And greater is Thy work, than what now is before me.

For from eye’s length of ocean shore to all that comes my way,

Your hand is greater than anything,

Than what my eyes will ever see.


Living Art, Thy living Art,

Your hand embraces us,

Your breath produces us.

For we live within Your love, O Lord,

As we live as Thy Living Art.



Thy Living Art by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                    Genesis 2:7

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