How is it that this is where we are,

Enveloped in the clouds,

Traveling to the star?


God’s chosen for this journey,

We mingle throughout the day,

Then in prayer and fasting,

We’re lifted on our way.


In His hands we’re carried,

Driven by His Spirit,

Taken to His Heaven,

Or very near to it.


To a land of battles and worry,

His power moves us on,

But through His grace and mercy,

We find the turmoil’s gone.


This is no normal trip,

For Heaven’s near at hand.

Christ Jesus died and suffered,

Within this precious land.


Come join this Pilgrim Ship,

A story you’ll soon tell,

And learn that God is with us,

As we journey to Israel!


This Pilgrim Ship by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                     Genesis 28:20

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