Selfish and arrogant, dysfunctional and distrustful, haughty, proud, insistent and boastful.

What kind of friends are these you say to me? They’re not my friends, they’re my family.

Like an off-key harmony and marching out of step,

Perfect to themselves while seeing society un-kept.

Doing as they please, yet overlooking advice,

Running in haste, making the same mistake twice.

Friends I can comfort, friends may even listen to me,

But these aren’t my friends, they’re my family.

Bobby’s in his room all the time, he’d rather be stuffy than noticeable,

Sue doesn’t use my name, just a letter when she’s quotable,

Tammy smiles and says “hi” but talks behind your back

And Lacey does whatever she wants, with an idealism of ‘attack’, ‘attack’, ‘attack’.

Then there’s Ralph, always complaining for more,

And Ed who can’t make up his mind, but for sure is never near a chore.

Karl the boxer, and of course he’s looking for a fight,

And then there’s Miki, trying to make peace but normally taking flight.

How can I take it?  How can I stand to have them near me?

Well, they’re not my friends, they’re my family.

Always gouging, always clawing, always disagreeing, never agreeing.

Always anxious, always testing, checking to bring you to their level, but always rejecting.

So what can I do?  What more can I do?

Never acceptable, but expected.

Never satisfying, but all I do is certainly dissected.

So what can I do?  How can I be like they want and still be me?

For there are choices with friendships, but these guys are family.

Nurture and be loving, that’s what I’ll do.

Overlook the offenses and repay in kindness by two.

I’ll fill my heart with thoughts of what could be,

Believing that they will be,

Then pray for a miracle from God, for He’s so much bigger than me.

I’ll put in the effort, serving God with love

Saying great things and showing patience given from above.

I’ll rejoice in fear and return abuse with mercy,

For this is more than trying to keep friends,

This is serving my family.

I’m probably not well-liked, more sure than not,

And there’ll be more fights ahead than what I’ve already seen fought,

But it is so well worth it in the peace process for me,

For these aren’t friends, they’re my family.

Yes, they may not be friends to me, but I will love them because they are my family.



They’re Not My Friends, They’re My Family by Ronhales                                                                 Read:          Luke 8:21

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