I want to take a ride, going nowhere in particular,

Alone on this journey, just enjoying Godís spectacle.

I could fly or walk, or I could drive on this self-acclaimed sabbatical,

But I feel a ride is right when Iím in the mood to be theoretical.

A train ride may be good, no worries while I just sit in euphoria,

I could be served on the ride yet get a grand view of a place like Lake Victoria.

However a train is not open-aired and I lean toward claustrophobia,

So maybe a horse is better for this ride of theoretical euphoria.

I would ride on a canyon rim overlooking grandeur,

Then Iíd rest under a tree wondering if there was a place rockier.

Or I could ride the sands pretending that there is no one mightier,

And I would look over the ocean waves, recognizing nothing on earth could be greater.

I would ride to the mountain tops and run in the meadows,

I would gallop the forest trails and break through across the hollows,

I would yell in my triumph or scream out in hysteria,

Because on this fantasy ride Iím taking a journey in theoretical euphoria


Ride old steed, just you and I and the countryside,

We go wherever we want and just theorize.

Then all things in the universe perfectly harmonize,

When I ride throughout the countryside and just fantasize.

But Shangri Laís are found only in the minds of day-dreamers and fantasy seekers,

And thatís not a healthy place to be as a soul seeker and harvest reaper.

And I want to spend my time serving God as one of His Word keeperís,

Therefore I need to stay out of shallow places and dwell in those things much deeper.

Now hereís what this rideís really about as I mount my imaginary Pegasus,

Theory is left behind and real comfort is only found in Christ Jesus.

So this self-acclaimed sabbatical can become a thing of great colossus,

But it happens only with God on the journeys He chooses to take us.

Then we can ride to the mountain tops and run in the meadows,

Gallop the forest trails and break through across the hollows,

For itíll be declared that weíve gone beyond theoretical euphoria,

And have come to a true peace in Jesus, which will bring out our praising hallelujahs.


Praise the euphoria found in Jesus, and thatís no theory, thatís fact!



Theoretical Euphoria by Ronhales                                                                                                Read:          Isaiah 29:14

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