There is a huge difference

In ‘leaving’ and ‘letting go’.

‘Letting go’ and giving up all that which you hold,

Does not mean you will be ‘leaving’ something behind.

It may just mean however, that God can be free

To do His will in You.


So give all things unto the Lord,

Let go and allow Him to make all things new.

You’ll find that nothing is left behind,

But everything is given to you.

Then the victory sought comes from the Lord

And not from the choice.


Find then the victory.

Let go of that which hinders God in your life.

Learn that ‘letting go’ does not mean you

Are leaving something,

Learn that it just means God is now in control,

And by Him,

Everything will be made new.


Find then the victory,

The victory of a life

God desires for us.

Then the victory sought

Becomes a victory of God.



Then The Victory by Ronhales                                                                                                                                 Psalm 98:1

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