How simple it is to create a breeze

Feel it, as you wave your hand with ease

But controlling it is for God to do

The power, the coolness

And the placing of it too

A breeze can soothe the soul

But it can grow to a darkness

As black as coal

The wind a tempest makes

As it causes the sea to foam

And the earth to quake


Recount your sinful life

For the power of the wind

Will slay you with her knife

But when you leave this earth

Know that God it is that takes

For once he gave you birth

God creates and controls the wind

Just as he created

And will take control of men

Evidence of who He is has been shown

Man is a fool not to see

The mysteryís blown


God is manís breath

And the breath of this earth

But to know Him we must know His Son

And all His worth

Learn whose kingdom

Causes the winds to run

By giving your life to Jesus

The Chosen One



The Winds To Run by Ronhales                                                                                                                          Amos 4:13

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