A string in the water

Not so noble or bold

But yet in time

A mighty fish it will hold


And to the wisp

Of cloud in the air

Not much there

But yet ‘tis the foretelling

Of such a storm

No man can bare


And for the wave at sea

That comes near without

Being seen

Until from the bottom

It begins to build into

A majesty greater

Than any king


These things are like

The voice of God that we hear,

Some ears are opened

While others just

Mock and jeer


For God has spoken through

Jesus Christ His loving Son

But soon will come

With a crushing blow

Which no one can out run


Recognize now who He is

And what He says is true

Or be surprised by those

Who will die …

For they will be you


The Voice by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Isaiah 29:15

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