From the emptiness of space our ears will be filled

As Jesus Christ is proclaimed Lord.


Every planet has its own song to sing.

From every star a noise of joy will declare The Lord.

In each moon, comet and dust spec,

A radiation of sound will praise The King.

The vastness itself will sing out praise to God.

Every tone will touch the ears of our heavenly body,

And we will hear the singing of The Universe Choir.


From beyond the most distant sun,

The universe will give up its song.


Within the shaking of every creation,

Each separate noise will join together to sing a song of praise.

Planets will reveal their place.

Moons will unveil themselves.

Cloaks will be pulled off stars,

And all things hidden will be revealed.

Everything uncovered will sing its song,

And the choir of the universe will praise

And sing that Jesus Christ is Lord.


Sing O Heavenly Hosts,

Cry out in joy O Universe Choir,

For the King of Kings is on His throne

And all things will praise Him.

Join in O Saints with the sounds of joy,

Praise the Lord of Lords.

Sing the song of thanksgiving and praise the Lord.

Lift your voice and fill your ears with the song sung by

The Universe Choir.

Lift your voice and sing praises to Jesus Christ the Lord.



  The Universe Choir by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                   Psalm 89:5

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