As the train goes by I ride along dreaming where were going.

Im always riding at the front, but wondering what were towing.


Where do we stop?

What do we see?

How many hills to climb?


But thats not for me, cause Im just dreaming;

Its run by the engineer,

And hes been trained and knows what to do,

For hes done it year after year.


If only life was like a train!

If only our life was planned ahead,

And controlled by someone knowing.

If only we could put our lives into the hands of an engineer!


Hed then guide us to our stop.

Hed take us places to see.

Hed lead us over all the hills.

If only life was like a train!


So where do I go now, that the train has passed?

The radio said a church tonight is telling people to get on board.

Maybe Ill drive over there and see what thats about.

Ive got time, and besides, its just down the road!



The Train by Ronhales                                                                                                                                         Psalm 73:24

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