T H E   S T O R Y 



Joy and sadness

Love and pain                         What is the relationship to a name?

Sunshine and storm

War or calm                           Why donít we respond to every alarm?

Jesus Christ defeated the evil of Satan!

Who are they, and does it happen often?

The story is bold when it is told.

Fear His name and avoid the coffin.


God, Creator

Christ the Son                        The enemy and evil of Satan.

Holy Spirit

Sets the cast                            The Three In One defeats Satan at last!

Man and woman yielding to the will of Satan.

Sinful nature born from disobedience.

God instructed His creation, Man.

But free will divided them by sin.


God against sin

The fightís on                         The Fallen Angel, Lucifer, Satan.

Jesus is born

Slain as a Lamb                      But defeats death and arises again.

The image of death is destroyed by Jesus Christ,

To have eternal life we must believe.

Jesus Christ the only Son of God,

Kept sin buried in the grave He left.


Jesus is God                  Satan sin

Know this story, it wonít happen again.

Jesus is joy                    Evil is pain

Eternity is decided by his loss, your gain!


The Story by Ronhales                                                                                                                         Acts 13:37

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