Bands of blue in ribbons of gray,

Glorious is a springtime day.

Grass so green and flowers so bright,

Winds o’er the waters show their might.

Rippling wave with a shower’s turn,

The Eagle nests near the ocean’s churn.

Another season

In another year,

God's appearance

Draws ever near.


Then to Fall as Summer passes,

Rain to snow as winter lashes.

Cold and calm as the nights grow long,

Then comes the sun where it belongs.

Each season passes

As will every year,

Soon Jesus comes

To shouts and cheers.


Now’s the time and the season’s here,

Watch and wait for Jesus is near.

Everyday may mean

The trumpet will sound,

For at that blast

Jesus is bound.


The seasons have closed

And the days are here,

The return

Of Jesus is near.

The return

Of Jesus is near.



The Seasons Have Closed by Ronhales                                                                                                                             Mark 13:37

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