Why is my heart weakened?

Why is my spirit spent?

How is it that my life seems so frayed?

From the rumblings of my soul a message is sent.


Unanswered questions to inward thoughts

Brings an unsettling to my soul.

No amount of shuffling satisfies

What has yet to be found as the goal.


Where can I rest?

Where do I lay my head?

When do my feet stop wandering?

Are these the signs of a soul seeking the peace,

The solitude, of a god-sent offering?


The rumblings of my soul shorten my breath, my life, my very existence.

Rustlings deep from a place I canít describe

Taunt me with unyielding persistence.


Come to me You who can calm the sea and stop the storm.

Come to me.

You are the answer to the rumblings of my soul,

The calm to the storm of my inner sea.


Brace me with Your comfort, O God.

Ensure Thy Word to my heart.

Cinch tightly the bond I seek in my soul with Thy Spirit,

And mine, which has been a part.


Gone now are my worries.

My concerns have fled.

No more rumblings of my soul,

For in Christ Jesus have I found the answers,

And by His life given,

Iíve reached my eternal goal.


The Rumblings Of My Soul by Ronhales                                                                                                       Psalm 31:7

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