From the cross, salvation is offered to us from God.

For it is from here that Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for ours.

And in the reflection of what was done on the cross,

The image of God prevails.


Cast across the things seen and the things unseen,

Jesus is the reflection of God.

Covering all that is, was, and forever will be,

Nothing has the impact, influence, or identity

Of the sacrifice that He made for us upon the cross.

In the reflection of the cross, God is glorified through Jesus Christ.

Upon the sin of fallen men throughout the earth,

The reflected image of God is drawn.

Across every people, nation, and tongue,

The image of Jesus Christ is cast.

To the lost, He is made known.

Into the darkness, He gives light.

To the dead, He gives life.

And to the blind,

Eyes are opened to the glory of His eternal being in Heaven.


Do you see the reflection of God in the cross?

Do you know Jesus by what the cross reveals?

Soon Jesus will return,

And the cross with its reflected meaning of salvation,

Will be transformed into the realness of God coming down from the sky.

Come into the reflection of the cross.

Connect to God the Father by the sacrifice Jesus made upon the cross.

The desire of God to give us eternal life

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ,

Is given to us in the reflection from the cross.




The Reflection From The Cross by Ronhales                                                                                                                           1 Corinthians 13:12

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