I wait and wonder sometimes when and where my life may go,

And I question my progress,

Which seems a never-to-be-produced Broadway show.

But as I realize my greatest opposition is the one that stands before me,

I recognize it is the other side of me,

Who is the obstacle of doubt and unbelief to me.


Nothing can be done, nothing accomplished

Unless I step in faith, unless I believe.

But then thereís the other side of me,

The one who doubts any plan can succeed.

The other side of me is always doubtful

Is always weak,

Never accepting, never encouraging,

But in everything always refusing.

The other side of me,

Is not always reflected in the mirror,

But is in my heart,

Where he is much more a talker than a hearer.

The other side of me,

Pushes out agreements that are rash, compromising,

And then keeps quiet about the truth,

Causing me to be satisfied with rationalizing.

The other side of me makes his way known to all,

Calling himself a friend.

But he is no friend,

This other side of me,

With him are no tomorrows, no cares,

Itís just a liaise-fare attitude, and thatís the trend.


Oh, itís Satan, I know, who is disguised as the other side of me,

Promising fulfillment in his deceiving ways.

But no power can he have when Jesus Christ abides in me,

For God is greater, Heís the Ancient of Days.

Yes, the other side of me is that old enemy, the devil,

Always talking at me to bring me low and to make me blue.

So be aware and know Satan is active,

For the other side of me,

Is also the other side of you.



   The Other Side Of Me by Ronhales                                                                                                                                        1 John 3: 7-8

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