The miracle’s near because we’re in the turmoil.

Have you ever been depressed?

Have you ever been forsaken?

Do you feel neglected or scorned?

Well look up, you’ll see Jesus, and the miracle’s coming.


Ever been completely forlorn?

Ever been penniless?

Ever been tried and found not true?

Well you’re almost there, for the miracle’s coming.


Tribulation, turmoil, rejection must be in place.

Sickness, injury, depression must be symptoms.

Floods, famines, drought have to be occurring.

These are the prerequisites to the miracle about to happen.


A miracle doesn’t initiate without a need.

If a cry doesn’t sound no ear will hear.

Without a need no help will come.

Without the suffering no miracle can come.


Are you experiencing tribulation?

Are you lost without hope?

Well look up, and you’ll see Jesus, and He’s coming with miracles.

Jesus is the miracle, and His name is yours.

Look up and see Jesus, the miracle is coming.



The Miracle Is Coming by Ronhales                                                                       Read:          Deuteronomy 28:2

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