T H E   L I V I N G   C H U R C H  



I stand in His sanctuary                                                    Singing in praises

His presence I feel                                                             Weepings of joy                                 

For God is awesome                                                         Hallelujahs  

Mighty                                                                               Quieted music

Living and real                                                                  Prayers to God we deploy


Low voices of greeting each other in Christ

Shouts as the bread is thrown

Sharing the testimony of Jesus

Cries from the nursery of the child newly born


These are the sounds of

The Living Church of God


The choir practicing down the hall                                Words spoken with outstretched hands

Sorrows shared                                                              To the Lord God above  

A covenant sealed with applause                                   Smiles and hugs freely passed out

Burdens bared                                                                In greeting the loved


Prayers requested

And prayers uplifted

And prayers spoken


These are the glories of

The Living Church of God


Praise Him

Worship Him in His House

Enter His presence


For this is the place of

The Living Church of God


  The Living Church by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                            Acts 20:28

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