The  Light  Of  Our  True  Dawn




he air seems to be especially clear this morning while the sun rises over my right shoulder.  Colors crisp and brilliant strike against the distant hills and off the top of the trees here at the coffee shop.  Itís almost like a roll reversal for these decorative trees.  They are now being lit in beautiful colors as if their Christmas lights were coming on as they do every evening.  It is a glorious time.  This is the time to reflect upon the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.  This is a time to rejoice.  This is a time to be thankful.

I get excited with every new day as Christmas nears.  But as I am drawn to the nearness of Jesusí birth, I am also drawn to His coming again.  The light of this morningís dawn causes me to dream of the light of our true dawn, the return of Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  The dawning of that day however will be like no other.  The dawning of His day will be announced by the brightness of light surrounding us as if the sun came selfishly upon us, not sharing itself with anyone else.  Only to us, His chosen ones, will the sun reveal itself that morning, and everything else will be left in the dark.  But not just one sun will rise, for as that day begins, each Christian around the world will be receiving their own individual sun rise.  Just imagine, all the light of the sun shining on one person, multiplied millions upon millions of times over.  What will that be like?  No light anywhere except upon Believers throughout the world, each one receiving the brightness of our own sun. In an instant the illumination of an incalculable amount of new suns flash across the earth.  The brightness of glory beyond all experience will occur in an instant.  We, the called of Jesus Christ, receiving the entire light of the day.  But everywhere else total darkness.

We who know and look for our Lordís coming will hear His call in the blast of the trumpet and will be raised up to Him in the air.  But the rest of the world remains.  Gone are we from the things behind; gone will be the darkness of our lives; and gone will be the terrors of our everyday fears.  But the remaining will continue there.  The rest of the world will be left in total darkness.  In that instant we who are called to Jesus Christ will be changed forever, healed of all our body illnesses and removed from this earth.  In the blinking of an eye we are released from this world and gathered together with Jesus in the sky.

In Your light of day, like no other day, come Lord Jesus!  Bring the greatest dawn of all time to us.  Cause your light brighter than the sun to shine on each of us.  Bring to us the dawn that has never been seen before.  Illuminate us, and draw us up into Thyself.  To You alone we belong Lord, and only the light from You can be the light of our true dawn.  Yes, Lord Jesus, that morning will put this beautiful morning to shame.  That dawn will be our true dawn.  What a glorious morning that will be!  What a glorious dawn we will see!

Thank you Lord for this time of season, but thank you especially, and in advance, for Your return.

Oh Lord Jesus, come quickly.



The Light Of Our True Dawn by Ronhales                                                                                                                     Revelation 22:16

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