Laid open under the sky is the hillside, like The Bible on my desk.

Barren and lifeless it appears.  Is that also how I see Godís Word for me?

From a distance it is useless, worthless, there is no value to me from it.

No growth is coming by it, nothing could sustain me there.

Continued avoidance of that parched land is best for me.

But what if I drew closer to it?

What if I were to examine it?

Something in me desires to go there.

What, I wonder, would I find?


The effort is immense, more obstacles then I imagined.

The going is harsh,

And so many other things Iíd rather be doing.

And so many distractions.

But, I find peace here, and my rest is so complete, so satisfying.

Look, there is life here!

Unseen from a distance,

But once in it, there is so much life to be found!

And water, such sweet tasting, fulfilling springs of water!

How could I have not seen this?

I was so far away, I am sorry I have missed

This beauty, this wonder, this paradise.

It is a miracle.  So much here to sustain me.

All around me is growth to keep me,

To feed me, to feed others, all others, everybody.

I will share what I have found,

And it will grow to even a greater abundance.


Thank You Lord God for Your Word.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your love.

You fulfill me.

With the way You make me feel by Your Word,

Perhaps Iíll go over to that hillside

And see what it has to show me.



The Hillside by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                           Psalm 105:3-4

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