When the curtain of day is drawn back, Your endless wonders are revealed.

The silk of rain falling before the color of dawn declares Your sovereign glory.

Then as Your hand prepares the night and day closes,

Your infinity is opened as a treasure unto us, Your glory continues forever.


But even as all creation is declared,

Your true love is poured out into our very own hearts.

We are Your beloved;

We are Your life’s work;

We are the precious gems of Your eye;

By one heart at a time, souls of The Believer fills Thy Kingdom.


Dying for us, Thy Son Jesus came;

Rising from the grave, our own death made void;

And by Your plan, every heart who knows Him lives with Him;

We will live within Your presence forever;

By one heart at a time, The Believer comes to You.


All creation was designed and set in place by Your spoken word,

But it is in one heart, one life, one soul at a time that brings Thy True Love to You.

Patiently You wait;

Assuredly You give;

Lovingly Your mercy sustains us;

The Believer comes to You one heart at a time,

Dwelling for all eternity in that which You have prepared.


All the wonders of Thy Hand calls us to You;

Thy preciousness in Jesus Christ calls us to You;

Our own soul calls out to be with You;

By one heart at a time The Believer answers Thy offer to join You forever in paradise.


Praise The Lord Almighty

Praise His Name

Thank Him in song and worship

Praise Jesus

Praise Him



The Believer by Ronhales                                                                                                                Read:          Mark 9:23

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