It is very difficult to write about

The beauty of the beach, for God

Created a great marvel that stretches

The length of the oceanís edge.


Today, not unlike any other day, was exceptional,

God had smudged the grey color of the sky into

The mighty waterís skin.

White, blue, and shimmering grey blended

Together into infinity,

Coming together indistinctly,

But at the same time,

Bringing light to focus upon

The fluent white spray

Upon the tops of the tumbling,

Thrashing, racing waves that throw

Themselves into the rocks with fervent,

Determined, suicide-like abandonment.

But death does not come, for the sea inhales,

Bringing resurgence and life into its being,

And breathing out a new breath of wave,

The act replays.


O God, how great You are!

You have boarded up your mighty ocean

And will not let it escape.

The beach is Your guard.

Thank you Lord. Praise Your name



The Beach by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                    Psalm 104:9

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