If we played Croquette,

                                                           What would You say?

                                                To fly in the sky?

                                                            Do You know how high?

                                                A walk to the lakes?

                                                            Now, sense that makes.

                                                            But, however we choose,

            Without You, I lose!


                                                A rainbow that day?

                                                           What’d Noah say?

                                                            The springs and fountains,

                                                            How do they run?

                                                            Flowers are so great.

                                                            What’s the worlds’ fate?

                                                            And of Your glory,

                                                            Tell me that story.


                                                Of all creation,

                                                            Man is Your chosen.

                                                Can I take Your hand?

                                                            Where is my land?

                                                Does life continue?

                                                            Just what will we do?

                                                            About tomorrow,

                                                            Where shall we go?



Tell Me by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                           1 Samuel 1:22

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