Sometimes I find myself drifting away

Further and further I go

Going astray

You, who had been so close, so visible

Appear faded

Making my heart miserable

But through my tears, I can see you clearly

Loving, cherishing me,

Ever so dearly

I just need more tears

O Lord, give me tears

Tears of joy, tears of laughter

Tears, and more tears

When I find I'm losing sight of You

I remember the forgiven woman,

Who, by her tears, Your feet she washed

Or when I forget what praise is about

I see Your face while lying in the manger

Born for me, The Son of God

If I find myself drenched in pity

At the cross I kneel

Feeling Your tears, mingled in blood

Falling on my neck

And in glorifying You

When anointed by the Holy Spirit

My tears flow easily

For You O Lord, are clearly there

Never stop the tears

For they are from You

Sadness may come, but 

They draw You nearer too

Bring on the tears




Tears by Ronhales                                                                                                                                              Psalm 126:5

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