You’ve taken me from my family and won’t let me near yours,

You’ve said you don’t love me and closed between us many doors.

You’ve hidden your heart for the last time,

Afraid to expose it anymore,

And the talk is over calling it just a deadly bore.

So what will you do now that you’ve made this your final shore?

You’ve divided yourself from me,

And I just pray you don’t do the same to the Lord.


We’ve got to get over being over,

Life is too long to be cut this short.

So don’t let me get in your way of saying,

“Let’s dig in and make a Survivor’s Fort.”


Brace up whatever is left and don’t ever again let love abort.

Put in hope and a few “I’m sorry”, then the “I love you” won’t distort.

We’ve got to get over being over,

And to do that we’ll build this Survivor’s Fort


Let’s just keep it simple, surrounding ourselves in love galore,

Then we won’t divide each other and may again invite in the Lord.

So put up forgiveness as basic needs, then love will grow and not distort.

We’ve got to get over being over,

And together we’ll do it in our Survivor’s Fort.


Forgiveness is the basic need, and love is the support,

And we’ll get over being over,

And raise the Lord’s banner in our Survivor’s Fort.

Filled with love, the Lord, and more love galore,

We’ll get over being over in our Survivor’s Fort.



Survivor’s Fort by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                Read:          Psalm 46:1

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