Grandpa wore suspenders

And Daddy wore a belt

I wear the stripes of Jesus

Without really knowing how they felt

Beaten then murdered

He was killed for my sin

How do I explain that,

Especially to my loving kin?


Grandpa was a soldier

And Daddy was a cop

How do I tell them of love

And not stumble, slip, fall, or flop?

To men who carried guns

And fought bravely each day

Are there words they値l understand

Of a man who walked a peaceful way?


Grandpa led the armies

While Daddy kept the law

I知 shouting inside for Jesus

But simple words I知 not able to draw

No more hesitation

No more wasting of time

A battle for souls is raging

And I知 a warrior fighting this crime


Grandpa, you need Jesus

And Daddy, so do you!

The world痴 sins are condemning

And together, you値l be condemned too.

So take the hand of the Savior

He knows what you bore

Take up the stripes of Jesus

And you値l forever rest on that Heavenly shore.


Stripes Of Jesus by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                              Isaiah 53:5

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